f Puritan's Pride Magnesium Oxide (250mg) Reviews and Information

Magnesium Oxide (250mg)

Magnesium offers another option, besides Calcium, for supporting bone health.
Product: Magnesium Oxide (250mg)
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: Take 1 tablet daily.
Retail: $5.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Good magnesium supplement
by Kate

I like Puritan Pride products, and magnesium is such an important nutrient to get enough of. It is used by almost every cell in the body and the benefits are numerous. Since taking this supplement, I feel like my body runs more efficiently as a whole.

Magnesium 250 mg
by Paula

My chiropractor suggested a few years ago to take 250 mg Magnesium along with Calcium Citrate, MSM, and Potassium at night for restless/cramping legs. I noticed immediate results. I could sleep through the night with no problem. It also seemed to relax me as well. The last few months I have also had some problems with constipation, and I increased the Magnesium to 3 tablets (750 mg) a day and I now have normal BM. My mother has had chronic constipation her whole life, having to take laxatives on a regular basis. I suggested for her to take the magnesium 3-4 tablets a day instead, and now she does not need laxatives because the magnesium alone works great for her. I feel it is safer because it helps benefit your heart as well. My dad's cardiologist prescribed 800 mg Magnesium Oxide a day for his irregular heartbeat.

Puritans Pride works
by Patricia Madden

I've had IBS most of my life. My mom uses this same product, but with a higher mg. I use this one so I don't get cramps. I can eat without wondering if I'm going to need to run home to the bathroom. I can live my life feeling secure that my IBS won't get bad. I would tell anyone who has the misfortune of having IBS to try this product