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Useful for workouts and sleep
by HZhu

I take GNC magnesium because GNC is a trusted brand and magnesium is one of the main things you lose after a workout. 90% of the population has a deficiency in magnesium. This product will help your body recover from workouts or strenuous activity. It has helped me to feel less sore after workouts and get better sleep.

highly effective
by tracey

This product is very effective. I have taken it for several months. I find it helps to relax me and helps me to feel calmer. It also helps to cut down on muscle cramps and pain that I have from time to time due to restless leg syndrome. It is also an excellent supplement for the heart and has helped to reduce heart palpitations that I was feeling when under stress. I will continue to take this.

by Linda

I have been taking this product for about half a year. I chose this brand over the other leading brands because my friend had told me about it. The effectiveness is exactly how it was advertised. I love this product because it makes my bones and teeth stronger. I would buy this product again because it really works.

Magnesium 500
by Tammy

Since starting a daily dose of Magnesium my overall health has improved. Because Magnesium is a mineral needed by every cell of our bodies, it helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps our heart rhythms steady, and bones strong. It is also an anti-stress mineral and has a calming effect and can assist in inducing restful sleep. Magnesium is also a natural antihistamine and helps with colds, allergies and my asthma. I find Magnesium helps me keep my fibromyalgia, my insomnia and my asthma under control.

High blood pressure
by Candace G.

This has helped regulate my blood pressure. I found out that a magnesium difficiency could cause your blood pressure to be uneven and cause it to go high. This seems to help my blood pressure stay down. I have noticed a big difference since I started taking it, along with getting enough sleep and other vitamins. I feel so much better and my blood pressure has been normal the last 3 doctor visits. I recommend you see your doctor if you have or think you have a high blood pressure problem, but this has helped me alot.

Help for asthma
by Candice

I had read a couple years ago that taking 500 Mg's of magnesium everyday could ward off asthma symptoms. I am very happy to say that since I have tried this I have had more symptom free days then ever!

No more headaches
by Adam Paul

For years, I used to get SEVERE migraine headaches. I spent thousands on medical bills and stupid doctors. I eventually said the heck with it all, researched what caused migraines and realized that Magnesium is one of the things that help prevent them. It's been a year now and no Headaches......thanks magnesium!!!

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