f Puritan's Pride Potassium 99mg chelated Reviews and Information

Potassium 99mg chelated

Potassium works with Sodium to regulate the body’s water balance. It also helps attract nutrients into cells and is required for carbohydrate and protein metabolism.
Product: Potassium 99mg chelated
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: Take 1 tablet daily.
Retail: $3.99
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4 Customer Reviews

Body water regulation and leg cramps
by Lizbeth

I have been taking clenbuterol, a weight loss pill which really dehydrates my body fluids. I experienced several leg cramps especially on my calves during my intensive cycling workouts during night time. Since then, I intake 2 tablets of Puritan's Pride Cheleated Potassium before bed to assist my body for my clenbuterol intake in the morning. I am relieved of the muscle cramps during my work out sessions.

Maintains potassium levels/electolytes
by Ivy S.

I have been taking a very common prescription diazide drug, commonly referred to as a "fluid pill", for hypertension ( high blood pressure) for three years. I was fine until almost a year later, when I began to experience dizzy spells, weakness, and painful night time muscle cramps, especially in my calf and thigh muscles.

My doctor ran tests and reported back that my potassium level was very low, most likely caused by the effects of my diazide tablet which, while efficiently removing excess fluid from the body to address hypertension, also unfortunately lowers blood potassium levels and flushes away important electrolytes. I was immediately placed on a prescription potassium gluconate/citrate replacement, which came as a fizzy tablet dissolved in water, very bitter tasting and more complicated to take, as I had to wait for it to dissolve fully. Sometimes there would be some of the grains left in the bottom of my cup, so I was never sure I had actually taken the full dosaage. The price was quite shocking, too, at around $18 a month!

I found this product, 99 mg Chelated Potassium from Puritan's Pride while shopping with the brand for another vitamin supplement. I asked my doctor if there was any basic difference in the two products, or their effects, and he stated that as long as the one tablet per day of the Puritan's Pride contained the same dosage level as the prescription, that changing over to it was fine and would work just the same. I checked the two product labels and they were the same safe amount.

I chose a chelated version of the tablet because "chelation" simply means that the Potassium is bound to another molecule or nutrient to allow it to pass through the stomach and directly into the blood stream undiluted and in tact, as intended, instead of much of the supplement being destroyed by stomach acid. Oral Chelated supplement products such as this one from Puritan's Pride are, in general, of "pharmaceutical grade", meaning they are more pure forms of potassium, premium naturals, and they likewise contains less "fillers". The difference in the price of this product versus the prescription drug to replace postassium loss is amazing, as the Puritan's Pride requires only 1 tablet per day and the bottle contains enough for more than a three months supply for under $4.00!!

When starting the product over eighteen months ago, I quickly noticed a reduction of the leg cramps I had experienced, and within three months a total abatement. I was no longer feeling dizzy, either, nor tired or washed out, as I had been previously when my potassium levels were too low. This is a great supplement, especially for those like me with an intolerance or dislike of the foods that contain sufficient amounts of potassium, such as bananas, squash, and darker greens like collards or spinach. Just a once a day tablet and not the constant question as to whether I got enough potassium in my diet today!! Great quality product, works efficiently, and very low priced!!

Relieves leg cramps
by Cydney

I enjoy working out especially running on my treadmill. There are many times I get cramps in my legs which are very painful. I started using this product before a long workout and haven't had cramping problems since.

Potassium helps leg cramps and regulates levels of fluid
by Jenny

I have had severe leg cramps at night at least once a month that will last for several days or a week or more. Along with this I experienced watery diarrhea with intestinal gas. I began taking the standard Potassium 99 mg as I was told it helped with leg cramps at night. After starting this supplement, I was surprised that in less than 48 hours that the leg cramps stopped and I was even more surprised that the intestinal symptoms went away at the same time. I found by doing some net research, sometimes watery diarrhea or loose stool is caused by an imbalance of fluids in the bowels and the same thing may cause leg cramps. Potassium regulates the level of fluid in the body, especially the large muscles and also the cells of the kidneys and bowels. It is also very good for the heart's blood circulation and rhythm and works with sodium to balance the body's water levels retained. I am no longer troubled by either leg cramps or the loose stools unless I forget to take my potassium. This past year I switched to the Puritan's Pride Chelated Potassium which is better for the system and I have been very pleased with it.