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by larry fordham

I take a Hydrochlorthized pill daily to get rid of fluid for blood pressure control. This pill has caused me to deplete my potassium. I just started taking potassium gluconate 99 to put potassium back into my body.
I'm very satisfied. I have noticed a difference in my energy level. A+ for GNC's Potassium Gluconate 99.

by juan puentes jr

I suffer from pain in my knees ,back, and leg cramps,after being reccomended the potassuim 99 i've seen a decrease in pain in my back no more cramps and I also don't use any knee braces for my knees

Great for my shoulder pain
by Annie

I dislocated my shoulder two years ago and have had some chronic soreness in that shoulder since then. I talked to my doctor and he recommended that I increase my potassium intake in order to repair the damage to my shoulder muscles from the dislocation. I have always trusted GNC so it was no surprise that I turned to GNC for a potassium tablet. I take two a day everyday and my shoulder ache has become extremely controlled. The pain usually comes on at night now mostly because I sleep on that shoulder sometimes, but during the day the usual aches and pains in that shoulder have decreased and some days I don't even have pain! I get less frequent muscle spasms in the shoulder throughout the day. Mostly at night is when I feel the pain now which is understandable because I'll lay on it as I toss and turn throughout the night. This product has really helped with the pain. It hasn't cured the pain but it makes it much more bearable. It's a great alternative if you aren't crazy about bananas.

Works Great
by Dustin

I have had chronic back pain my entire life. My doctor recommended that I take a potassium supplement and I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of pain and it is less frequent. GNC always makes quality products, and I add this one to the list.

This stuff is better than bananas
by Candice

For my constant leg cramps/foot cramps/ hand cramps, the 2 month supply ( I only take one a day as a preventative) at the super low price is way better than having to stuff myself with bananas! Since I've been taking these for the last 4 months not a single muscle spasm!

Great Relief
by Jen W.

I kept going to the doctor with horrible leg pain. After many tests, he discovered that I had a potassium issue. I took these pills for about a week and my leg cramps got so much better. I have been on them for about 8 weeks and I will take them forever if they keep my leg pain away. I am very thankful for this product.

Takes the pain away
by johnny h

My girlfriend takes this to combat her back pain and she swears it works. I personally love bananas, so I just eat bananas. But I'm sure the straight potassium would work faster and more consistently than potassium found in food.

its good
by renuka

I had a lot of leg cramps during pregnancy. So, the doctor told me that it is due to potassium deficiency. I ate bananas daily, but I got tired of eating bananas. During my pregnancy I could not eat fruits because it caused nausea for me. So I tried this product. The leg cramps were gone within one week. I really love this product.

Get It!
by Jeremy Rose

I bought this supplement because I needed a cheaper alternative to purchasing a lot of bananas. I cramp up pretty bad lifting and working out. After taking this supplement for the first time, it changed my breaks during my workout regimine! I no longer cramp up and have to stop...Get it and you will see!

Wonderful for leg pain
by Stephanie

My husband has very bad leg pain so he decided to try these potassium pills. He said that after just taking them for 2 or 3 days he could tell a huge difference in the way his legs felt.

Best with bananas
by John S.

I know for a fact that these work great. I try these with bananas so I could get a ton of potassium into my system. I think one should get his own bottle and try it with bananas.

Works like it should
by Jaime

This stuff works just like it should. It's a great value for your money. It takes little while to get into your system, but after it does, it made my leg cramps go away. I had no more charlie-horses.

Supplement helps leg health
by K. McIntosh

I was having leg cramps several nights a week. A friend suggested potassium. I chose Potassium Plus 99. I have been using it for several months and my leg cramps have stopped. The pill is easy to swallow, and there is no aftertaste. Great supplement - well worth the money.

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