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very good
by victoria

I took this supplement when I was training for a marathon and it worked great. I was having troubles keeping hydrated and avoiding side cramps. After about a week of taking the supplement the cramps I used to get during long runs subsided. I love Nature's Way, they always provide a quality product at a reasonable price.

by Brandy

I take these on a regular basis and have been taking them for about a year. I used to have frequent spasms and muscle soreness. It started helping after about a week in taking them, I pretty much stopped having the soreness and spasms. It is a great quality product and very affordable. Great for people of all ages.

by Julie

To control my blood sugar and overall health, I started taking these. It also helped with my aches and pains after a good workout. I don't have a problem any more with aches, and my blood sugar is in good balance. Better than eating a banana everyday.

Needing Vitamins
by lr

I take these for my health, and since adding potassium helps maintain electrolyte balance, I knew I needed this. In addition, I do not like to eat a lot of fruit. It is not very expensive.

A Potassium pill a day....
by Jill S.

My doctor suggested that I eat a banana a day to help my muscles heal after my hard work outs. I told him how often I was cramping up after my work outs. He told me that even though I drank plenty of water, I might try more Potassium in my diet. I asked if a supplement would work as well, seeing how I wasn't a real big fan of bananas he said yes. He recommended Nature's Way. I tried Nature's Way Potassium Capsules, and my cramping was gone! No more aching arms and legs. It is a real relief!

Taste Better then a Banana
by Tejas

I love all the daily vitamins in their line of products. I was never a fan of eating bananas or for that matter any fruit so this gives me the potassium I need without having to do so.

Much easier than eating a bunch of bananas.
by NTReviewer

I used to eat a lot of bananas to ensure that I got the proper amount of potassium, but this is so much easier. I found that my muscles would stiffen after a hard workout if I didn't have enough potassium in my diet. The aches used to last for a long time, but ever since I started taking this product, I haven't had very many cramps at all. This product is great and convenient.

Great for sore muscels
by HS

Natures way is a brand that can be trusted to give you the best product. If you have ache muscles or have gotten sore from working, take some of these potassium pills. Potassium relieves muscle aches and pains. It takes a few doses, but you will start to feel relief soon.

Leg Cramp relief
by Cathy Weaver

Potassium (along with Magnesium) at bed time, helps relieve the leg cramps I experience during my sleep when I have over done it during the day. Some potassium I have experienced loose bowel movements the next day, not so with Nature's Way products. Nature's Way is a name I trust to deliver what they state and do not contain impurities.

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