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Pro potassium
by Jeremy P

I really like how this stuff increases the quality of your aerobic excerses and weight lifts. I read that it increases the capacity of your muscle contractions which in turn increases your potential results, so I tried it in 2005. The price agrees with my wallet and the brand is wonderful. What's not to like?

Enjoy life more
by Carol

My mother was very active when she was younger, always on the go and walking for exercise. Her diabetes has made walking harder and less enjoyable then it has been in the past. However, the Potassium Citrate has helped my mother to walk easier with less leg cramping. This product allows my mother to enjoy her daily walk once again, and get on with her life more pain free.

Really works
by Alma

I started taking high blood pressure medication and a water pill everyday and did not realize that my potassium levels had become low due to frequent urination. My doctor prescribed potassium nitrate since I do not like bananas. I was experiencing irregular hearbteats and cramps and did not know the reason for this. Ever since I have been taking this vitamin I have not had these symptoms again.

This is important for your heart and blood
by Mary M.

Even though I eat a banana every morning with my breakfast cereal, my doctor found I had a very low potassium level after running some routine blood tests. I bought this brand of Potassium since I like Puritans Pride vitamins and herb products. Sometimes I experience leg and toe cramping at night and found this helps me not have them so often. Potassium is necessary for your heart and circulation and now both my husband and I take it to keep our blood levels of potassium regulated. I feel better than I have for a long long time and I think the potassium has helped give me more energy and less dizzy spells.

No more cramps !
by mamma_nee

I used to wake up every night and jump out of bed with bad cramps in my legs but now I take Potassium Citrate once a day and iIhave not had a muscle cramp since .

Great supplement
by Kate

I needed a good potassium supplement to battle leg cramps that I got while running and at night. I don't like to buy bananas because I get bored with them and they spoil so quickly. This supplement helped ease my leg cramps for a reasonable price.

Be gone leg cramps
by jud655

I have restless leg syndrome and suffered constantly from nightly leg cramps, mostly in the calf muscle, so severe some nights, I had to get out of bed and massage the muscle, only to get back in bed and cramp up again. Very painful and frustrating, not counting the lack of a decents night's sleep. I talked with friends and family, whom all had their own remedy. Bananas were the major solution, but I'm not fond of bananas, so I sought out a different way to go. Tried many and found this to be more effective, easy on the sensitive stomach and it works. No more leg cramps!

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