f Puritan's Pride Selenium 100 mcg Tablets Reviews and Information

Selenium 100 mcg Tablets

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that supports the immune system.
Product: Selenium 100 mcg Tablets
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: Take 1 tablet daily.
Retail: $4.20
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4 Customer Reviews

by Pam

Seems to help a lot with improving and boosting your immune system.

This really helps!
by Amie

I love Puritans Pride - great products at great prices and Selenium is another example. I work with the public everyday and am constantly exposed to viruses and the current flus, etc. My Mom convinced me to start taking this to boost my immune system and it has literally cut the occurrence of my colds in half. Great price, and it keeps you at work instead of home in bed!

Selenium 100 mcg
by Paula

I was diagnosed with a low thyroid and hormone imbalance last year. My doctor put me on a thyroid prescription, but also said to start Selenium 100mcg a day as well. After 6 months of taking this supplement/prescription, my thyroid is now in normal range, and its interesting that I don't have hot flashes anymore, so I guess that goes hand in hand.

Good for immune system boost to fight off viruses
by Noah H.

My 80 year Gramps always took a Selenium supplement, believing it to helpful in your overall immune system health. I remembered this when in 2001, I had a virus attack my system and had trouble shaking it. I would get better for a few days and then get worse. All through the fall of that year I experienced generalized weakness, chills, and some strange and worrisome swellings of my lymph nodes in my neck and armpits. After repeatedly visiting the doctor, who seemed flummoxed that the virus seemed to be attacking my entire system, he put me on steroids for awhile. They seemed to help me a lot but then as soon as I had to stop with the treatment, the swollen glands and general malaise would return. I remembered my Gramps' great faith in Selenium as a total immune system booster, so I started on a rather low dose of 100 mcg. a day. Within just a few weeks I began to feel much better, had more strength, no further chills or fever, and by the fourth week of taking the supplement, the swollen lumps under my armpits and in my neck were gone. Now I take the supplement whenever I feel symptoms signaling a virus attack might be imminent, or just when exposed to someone else who has viral symptoms. A very valuable supplement to enhance and improve your immune system response! ( Thanks Gramps! )