f Alacer Corporation Electro-Mix Reviews and Information


Provides your body with essential electrolytes.
Product: Electro-Mix
Brand: Alacer Corporation (More Products)
Size: 36 Packets
Dosage: Take 1 packet daily.
Retail: $11.99
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5 Customer Reviews

by Kasandra Ciasulli

I can't live without it! I'm a runner and suffer from decreased energy levels and headaches mid day for years. Electrolyte drinks, including sugar free brands with stevia instead of artificial sweeteners, have always caused me excess gas and abdominal heaviness/discomfort. Possibly due to sodium I may not need or the concentration in most mixes. This particular drink mix is extremely refreshing with just a with the perfect kick of citrus without the sweet. It's so light going down yet I feel the minerals feeding my entire body and mind much faster than sweet or carb laden drinks which seem to make me tired because my body starts processing sugars and running at the same time for me doesn't work well. Since I've discovered this mix, I've been able to do so much more mentally and physically before and after my workout in addition to improving the quality of workouts. My headaches have become a rarity as well!

by SusanInSFL

Excellent product. The taste is pleasant but not overwhelming. I'm glad it has no sugar and no salt - just the nutrients we need. To add anything to it defeats the purpose and to those who find it bland, perhaps you should go back to Gatorade or one of the other sugar-based drinks.

Love it!
by Hannah

We have been using Emergen C electro Mix for seceral years and were throlled to find a natural sugar free, electrolyte containing drink alternative to Gatroade. We use the electrolite Mix as a drink during and aftger workouts as well as after working on our farm during th heat. It is especially beneficial during hay season when we are sweating alot and need to replnsh electrolytes. We also use it when we have stomach problems including vomiting and diaherra to prevent dehydration. It is easty to use and comes in convenient packets which when mixed with water yeilds a 32 oz. drink. We love the flavor as well. I highly recommend the Electro-Mix!

by Shelly

Our family wasn't too thrilled with this type of Emer'gen-C as it was rather bland. To get anyone in my home to drink it, I had to add juice which I felt defeated the purpose. It did help with hydration though.

by tasha

Electro-mix is so great! It is incredibly convenient; one packet mixes with 32 oz. of water to create "sports water." You can feel the hydration instantly. I used electro-mix during the last couple months of my pregnancy, because at night I would feel very dehydrated. I kept a large glass of water and electro-mix at my bedside and drank it throughout the night to quench my thirst - as pregnancy caused much broken sleep. My husband also swears by electro-mix, as he is both an athlete and a bartender. He uses electro-mix to stay hydrated in the heat of extreme work and play- mountain biking, running, outdoor chores; and during the extreme madness and physical chaos of bar tending. I absolutely recommend electro-mix for anyone doing ANYTHING that would require re-hydration. It will soothe your thirst, and give an energy boost, supplying lost minerals. The lemon-lime flavor is also very pleasant and quenching.