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Greens+ Pro-Relief

PRO-RELIEF+™ contains 50 mg. Full spectrum Grape Extract with Resveratrol, and 250 mg. of buffered Vitamin C per capsule, in a base of pure brown rice and absolutely nothing else. Maximum Strength PRO-RELIEF+™ also contains 100mg of MSM (methysulfonylmethane), a bioactive form of the important mineral, sulphur.

PRO-RELIEF+™ is formulated through a water extraction process to preserve living enzymes and purity. Bottles are nitrogen flushed out oxygen to ensure maximum freshness. ONLY whole rice bran is used as a flow agent. There are NO fillers, binders or excipients.

MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) is an organic sulpher compound that is found in fruits and veggies, grains, dairy, meat, eggs and poultry. Processing and cooking can destroy this essential nutrient. Without adequate amounts of MSM in the diet, deficiency can occur which can cause immune system, skin, memory, and cell regeneration problems.

Supplementing with MSM is as safe as drinking a glass of water and can be extremely beneficial with a wide variety of ailments. One of the most well known uses for MSM is to help with easing the pain associated with arthritis. It can help lessen inflammation and improve blood supply to the arthritic area. People with allergies have also been finding relief with MSM. It is believed to block cell receptor sites for histamine. MSM also helps to detoxify the body by making the cells more permeable. This allows water to pass more easily throught the cell allowing it to flush out built up toxins. Maximum Strength Pro-Relief+ has 400mg of MSM per serving plus 200 mg of grape seed and skin along with 600 mg of Vitamin C and 60 mg of Calcium to help with maximum absorption.
Product: Greens+ Pro-Relief
Brand: Greens Plus (More Products)
Size: 120 capsules
Dosage: Take 4 capsules 3 to 5 times daily for the first 5 days, then 4 capsules a day thereafter with meals.
Retail: $21.95
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