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Made my son very ill
by Susan

This was recommended for my 12 year old son by a holistic doctor. My son took 1 tablespoon as directed and started feeling tired and dizzy, after a few hours he started having chest discomfort, and continued to be dizzy. This product totally wiped him out for 24 hours with one dose, will never take again!

Excellent Product
by me2be

Natures Sunshine products cost more, but you get a good quality supplement. If I could afford to buy them all the time, I probably would. I am using this product for liver and adrenal function, and it really helps with well being and energy. If you sign up for a membership (It comes with a $40 order now), please use referral number 2308543-9. It doesn't add or take away from you, but it does tell them who gave the referral.

Only if you want the best!!!
by ryan

I am a MBA student and I have so long days and night. I could not have made it through the 1st year of school without this product. Gives you extended period of energy. The only drawback is that it gives just too much energy. I have trouble sleeping but have understood that I need to take this product during lunch and I will be able to sleep at night. No longer do I have those dragging afternoons. I have a huge burst of energy. Great stuff and awesome effects. Try will not be disappointed.

by John

I was recently looking for something to boost my energy due to long work days and studying. I asked one of my friends if they new of any good energy boosters that weren't just glorified sodas. He recommended trying mineral chi tonic. So I went and bought some to try out. Immediately after I took it, I noticed a boost in my energy that lasted well into the day. The only downside was the taste left something to be desired. But all in all this was an excellent energy booster!

Amazing Energy and Potential!
by Kerry Hays

While slightly lacking in any real taste, this Mineral-Chi Tonic has a wonderful blend of herbs and minerals giving an almost unnatural sense of energy and an almost spiritual feeling. The only problem I had with this product was the aftertaste and when I drank the roduct, I didn't have the time to expel all of my energy. If you love to be active, slam one of these and let your spirit soar.

Great products!
by Janet

I was introduced to the Mineral Chi Tonic when I was shopping in an Asian grocery store. I went to the store looking for ginseng to help boost my energy level, but I couldn't find any. So I asked for other recommendations and the owner of the store recommended Mineral chi tonic. After taking the tonic, I could feel the improvement right away. I was more alert, had more energy and stamina. Overall, I felt great and I was able to stay focused and accomplished more chores.

Can you say a lot of energy?
by C Collins

I recently had a baby, well nine months ago, so maybe not so recent....but I have such a lack of energy that I feel like I just gave birth. Any Mom or Dad who stays home with their children can understand where I am coming from. It takes all the energy that I can muster to get out of bed. I've tried so many things to get extra energy...but after an hour or two they just wear off. I needed something that wouldn't give me just a short "high" of energy. One day I was having one of my "lack of get out of bed energy" days, so I decided to take some Mineral Chi Tonic. Within an hour I had so much energy I was cleaning up a storm, and dancing circles around my baby to entertain him. The wonderful thing is, that it didn't wear off after an hour or two. I felt revitalized all day long. This stuff is absolutely wonderful, and so good for you. It will help you think clear and have the stamina you need to get through the day.

Chinese Energy Rock!
by Zheng

This Chinese energy booster is the best energy drink that I had ever had. It tastes so good. Where do you find energy drink that tastes good? Nowhere. This stuff uses Chinese medicine to boost your energy throughout the day.

Calming and soothing
by Herman

Chinese medicine always seems great to me and Mineral-Chi is no exception. Great for those who are under heavy stress day in and day out. I've been sleeping much more easily these past few weeks, and during working hours, I find myself paying attention much more too!

This is great
by James Zitzmann

Sometimes, I have trouble staying awake during important meetings and at work, but ever since I have started taking this, I have not had any trouble with it. Other energy enhancers make you jittery, but this one allows you to be calm and relaxed while staying awake.

Mineral-Chi eh?
by Sean

Maybe it's just me, but this energy booster turned out to be more of an energy sponge than anything. I often tried different energy products to be able to work longer hours whether late at night at home or early in the morning at work. When I used this, I felt fatigued and tired most of the time. This is the last time I will ever try this Chinese energy booster.

Good for balance
by Cara

When I saw the product I thought it sounded disgusting but my friend swears by it. I took the product in order to help detox my body a few weeks before a spa treatment to make sure that what the spa got out was real nasty gunk. In the few weeks I took the product I noticed my skin was firmer and my complexion was the best it has ever been. The product helped me max out my spa treatment results.

by Gordy

I often experiment with alternative supplements specifically designed for energy. I know that nature has provided us with many natural ingredients to boost energy and provide the balance we need in our daily active lives.

I decided to give Mineral-Chi Tonic a go, and boy was I satisfied. The taste was pretty good, and it went down easy without triggering my sensitive gag reflex. The special combination of traditional Chines medicine really did wonders for my daily activity. I could tell I was a little more upbeat and I just felt a little extra healthy. I can't really explain the feeling all too well.

Closing in on $40 seems a little expensive - but I found the benefits to easily justify the price. Give it a try - balance that inner Chi!

Replenishes lost fluid and electrolytes quickly
by Noah H.

I carry this in my bike bag, especially when mountain riding, to restore fluids levels lost from the heat and to replenish electrolytes quickly after long distances. My brother's wife gave me my first bottle to try as she was a big fan of Mineral-Chi Tonic while running trial NPRF events. Mineral-Chi Tonic is formulated from a wide array of traditional Chinese herbs and minerals known to boost and maintain high levels of energy. Having a nice pleasant citrus taste, it's easy to carry and tastes good even when not chilled. I like it much better than traditional high sugar sports drinks with empty calories and little nutritional value that overload or tax the system. I just take a couple tablespoons full followed by a few swallows of bottled spring water and have had better results than other long distance bike riders who tire more easily and don't seem to come back as quickly from exhaustion from marathons or long extended trail or mountain riding. You also can use this daily just as a nutritional supplement to enhance your heavier and longer workouts, particularly if you perspire a lot and lose precious body electrolytes, especially when weight training.

Great Way to Keep Calm
by Louis

I used to take caffeine pills to help me keep awake, but I started looking for a way to not use caffeine so I turned to this product to help me boost my energy. I take this in the morning and it has helped me keep lively through the day and now, with a good night's sleep, I don't need to depend on caffeine to help me focus and keep awake.

Trouble Staying Awake in Class
by Shreyas Patel

Before using this Chinese Chi I had trouble staying awake during lectures, even if it was an hour. I was told to try mineral-chi tonic, and found that not only did it keep me up, but it also tasted good as well.

by Jeff

This is a great product for those of us who need a little energy boost in the mornings to help get through the day. It has really helped me restore my energy and lasts all day long. If you need that extra boost, then Mineral-Chi Tonic is the product for you.

This is good to keep calm
by Garrett Black

This is a product I take all the time because it keeps me calm. I have noticed I'm more balanced and enjoy it.

Energy Flow
by cynthia

After I began using Mineral-Chi Tonic, my acupuncturist commented on how much more balanced my body was remaining between treatments. That sold me!

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