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You fail to mention that people are drinking drain cleaner
by Mike A3

When I first tried your product it tasted kind of caustic. I continued for 10 days with no effect so I did more research to find that you lied about Everette Storey's history and that Cellfood is in truth a drain cleaner developed by Storey's company called Openall (as is written in his book "Beyond Beleif." I dare you to publish this review.

seems to be helping my son with overall well being
by bruce guenter

would recommend cell food

Cell Food Is A Miracle Product!
by Sarah Figueroa

Cell Food is truly a miracle product. I've been taking cell food three times per day for the past month and I have more energy, require less sleep and I my breathing has improved. I am a runner and have never had a problem with breathing so it took me by surprise when I was running one day after taking Cell Food and noticed how muich deeper I could breath. I burned my fingers and put a drop of Cell Food on my burn and the next day it was healed. My husband had a cold sore on his lip and I placed a drop right on the sore a few times that day and it healed it immediately. My sister had cancer and had to go through chemo and radiation. I quickly bought her a bottle of cell food and she is noticing a huge improvement in her health from the damage of the treatments. I am convinced cell food will kill any remaining cancer cells in her body. Her skin was rough from the chemo and radiation and after a couple of days of using the Cell Food Face Gel her skin is smooth as silk. I love the Gel as well and look forward to using the Cell Food Bath product. I also use the Spay Vitamins and it really provides a boost in energy. Thank you to the makers of Cell Food!

by Jamie

I had a gout flareup and could hardly walk. I have a friend that said try Cellfood and within 48 hours it was gone. I am new to this and always skeptical but that is my experience.

Been Using Cellfood Everyday Since 1997
by David

I have been using Cellfood since 1997 and love it! There are a lot of reasons however I have found that I just don't get sick anymore. General all around health improvement. I love this product and recommend it highly.

Read this before you buy it!!
by Livi Tothe

I used it, and when nothing happened, I started to wonder , and did a research on it. See yourself, companies just making lots of money, don't buy it before you check it out in good websites!!!!


Clinical Summary
The theory suggests that delivering high levels of oxygen to body tissues can kill cancer cells, eliminate pathogens, stimulate metabolism and produce oxidative detoxification (1). These claims are based on pseudo-scientific explanations of physical phenomena and biochemical activities. None of the statements made by the company are supported by credible scientific evidence. Oxygen is not likely to be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract when taken orally.

Mechanism of Action
The manufacturer claims that Cellfood generates oxygen and hydrogen atoms by splitting water molecules in vivo and produces pure oxygen gas at the cellular level, where it is "needed." These claims do not agree with current accepted principles of biochemistry and cannot be confirmed by modern science. Explanations of the mechanisms of action of Cellfood on the manufacturer's website are written in jargon intended to confuse rather than elucidate the role of the supplement.

No formal pharmacokinetics studies have been performed. The company uses particle size analysis, Zeta potential analysis and surface tension study to justify the potential and concentration of Cellfood. No actual bioavailability data is presented. It is unlikely that significant amount of oxygen can be absorbed orally.

Literature Summary and Critique
No clinical or laboratory studies evaluate the efficacy of Cellfood supplements.

Question Everyone?
by DFS

Hello, I started taking cell food about 2 wks ago. Started out 8 drops 2 times a day for a week. Now for the past 4-5 days been taking 8 drops 3 times a day. I've noticed, for the last 3 days, that instead of that citrus taste, the more I take it the more it tastes like the green bile that I have thrown up after being sick repeatly and it leave a porous film on my teeth. I tried to talk myself into thinking that this is my imagination but the last time I took cell food, I seriously considered throwing it back up. Been taking it with water. Should I use more water or take with a juice instead. Cell Food has made me feel better, after a slight detox period. I feel like my body is telling me Yuck, dont' take this because of the taste factor. Is this part of the detox stage?? Please give me some insight to this. Thanks for your time

asthma and cellfood
by josie tonge

I've suffered from unstable severe asthma for 28 years, living off prednisolone and 3 relievers. A friend recommended I take cellfood. It had had a great effect on her son's asthma and though it may help me. My peakflow was 180 and I felt unable to carry on working. After2 weeks I noticed a dramatic differece. I seemed to wake up in the morning and be able to take a deeep breath, as though a weight had been lifited off my lungs. My peak flow was 400. Never before had it been so high. 3 months on I haven't taken another inhaler or tablet and the peak flow remains contstant at 400. I think cellfood saved my life.

Best supplement ever
by Dave

In the first few days of using this product I have felt more energetic than I have in a long time. I am always skeptical of products like this , but I did my research and decided to give it a try. I can tell you for sure that IT DOES SOMETHING. It is not in your head. I will continue taking this everyday. I am interested to see what it does for my endurance.

Amazing... at a cellular level!
by tasha

This is a product worth boasting about. because it is liquid, it absorbs so fast into the blood stream. The energy it provides takes affect very fast. Because it contains oxygen, this is a miracle product. There cannot be enough oxygen in the body; it is what keeps our cells happy and functioning at optimal level, and gives them the power to fight off the damaging effects of cell-destroying free-radicals. In theory, when the body is properly oxygenated, cancer cannot grow. Pretty amazing what comes out of this tiny little bottle!

If there was only one supplement...
by Dani

If there was only one supplement I could take, it would be cell food -- whether internally or topically, it's an amazing product. It's a shame the research on this has been hidden for so long. It's truly a miracle complex! The energy from this alone is remarkable. It also has the ability to maximize the results and effects of other supplements you take and the foods you eat! Can it get any better?

Cell food
by Karthik

I have full of energy from the date I am taking, now my whole family is taking it.

Cell Food
by Charlie Herrin

I did not realize how much of a difference this product made until I missed taking it for almost two weeks. I noticed my memory was not quite as sharp. I didn't have as much energy and just felt run down. I also have not been sick since taking this great product. I will continue to make this a daily requirement in my life!!

by Alvin Wong

Cellfood is truely a great product, it helps tremendously on my energy level and overcome significantly on my fatigue problems.

by diane

Great product, it gives me energy all day.

Cell Food Review
by Shannon Brydon

A great product. I highly recommend it!

by William Barnes

Absolutely the greatest product of its kind out there.

Cellfood and Asthma
by John Winlow

I am a 60year old married man. I developed Eczema and Asthma early in babyhood. The eczema dominated my life until I reached 16, and as you may know, both conditions are linked to an oversensitive immune system.
Despite the development of reliever and preventer inhalers, the asthma got worse. Doctors insisted I took regular courses of Prednisolone despite the serious side affects. Eventually though, even the Prednisolone became less effective. My skin had thinned and become "papery." Even when I shaved a slight nick would result in bleeding which took a while to stop. I bruised really easily even after a slight knock. I constantly used my reliever inhaler.My peak flow readings would drop as low as 280!!
In 2004 my wife read an article about Cellfood in one of her magazines, and I decided to try it. The improvement has been fantastic, and my doctor who was so used to see me coming to surgery with a chest infection or asthma attack, has been amazed at the improvement. I use my inhalers far less, and rarely have an asthma attack.
The important thing is to give it a fair trial; say a couple of months; because it didn't work overnight for me. But now? I owe the makers of Cellfood a great big thank you! for a product which has made such a difference to my health.
PS- I would be happy to answer any email queries about the way in which Cellfood improved my condition. Contact me at
John Winlow

by David Lo

This Cellfood has helped me tremendously relating to my heart problem. I'm not suffering a lack of oxygen and tired.

by Barbara

I am happy to say that I've been using Cell Food for more than 6 months with wonderful results. I'm very pleased to let you know how energetic I feel after using the product. Also, my blood work has shown a significant change, and my good cholesterol is in the low end.

Very good for fibromyalgia
by Pilar Brocos

I am 36 years old and I have fibromyalgia since I was about 12. Cellfood has dramatically changed my life. There was a lot of things I couldn't do before, because of pain in all my body. Now I have a normal life. I take Cellfood twice a day (or three times a day when I am very stressed or I do some sport) and all pain has disappeared. It worked from the first day (I began to take it about 20 months ago). I couldn't believe it, since I had tried a lot of products before, without success. Fatigue has not completely disappeared but it was also decreased.

Cellfood is great
by diane jenkins

I love this product! It makes my skin smooth, gives me energy and helps my GI tract stay regular! I can tell when I forget to take it!

This product works
by Nate Howell

I really like this product. I notice having more energy throughout the day and find myself being able to stay up later as well.

2 Customer Opinions

by Ros Burn

The literature on Cellfood appears in each product pack that is distributed by www.oxygenfor It includes reports of the following tests - ergogenic product test by The University of Pretoria Sports Institute; toxicity test by University of Pretoria Pharamacology Department; radiation test by NESCA (Nuclear Techniology & Services; antioxidant test by International Observatory of Oxidative Stress; free radical clinical test by Dr Michael Coyle using a FRAS d-Rom (Dacron) system; colloidal test by the Particle Characterisation Laboratories USA; electrolytic test reported in a paper by Dr Richard Weber; dissolved oxygen test by Bioscreen Testing Services, who also did microbiological tests. Currently local and international research is running dark field microscopy tests. Ongoing research is being conducted throughout the world to prove the amazing benefits of taking cellfood. This is credible scientific evidence. It appears the entry 'Cellfood' can be discredited on nearly all counts.

On a personal level Cellfood has alleviated the drastic side effects of the steroid Budesonide, which I am forced to take for my auto-immune hepatitis. My systolic blood pressure rose to a stubborn 166, and is now reducing by 10 points a month; my varicose veins have flattened out; my mental and physical energy has returned; leg muscle cramps have disappeared; muscle weakness (I couldnt write) has corrected; my HDL went down to .02, revealing the extent to which this drug has caused free radicals in my body, but has now normalised. Pimples have gone, and depression is a thing of the past. Thank you Cellfood!

Cell Food the best
by Jill

I started cell food four weeks ago I have smoked for 43 years Ive noticed I am no longer craving my cigarettes and have cut down to five a day instead of 25 so hopefully next month I will be free of nicotine. My nails are stronger and my muscles seem stronger. My skin is way better too as Im using cell food gel on my skin. Oh yes I burnt my foot with hot water and put the cell food with a little water on burn it tingled then went completely away....Oh I really think cell food is amazing.