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by Jool

You can get this product cheaper on

by Georgia

I just started taking this product a few days ago, and I already feel that the pressure on my chest has gone away also my chest pains. I definately recommend it.Yes it is a little expensive, but it works, so its worth the price.

Way too pricy!
by LRE

Why get this glorified formula when you can go to the store and pick up a 50 capsule dietary supplement bottle of L-Arginine for $4.00? I can take 5,000 mg a day (as ProArgi-9 contains) and only spend $16.00 a month... with the same results people! Don't be fooled by fluff. Discuss this with your doctor friends.

by Robin Smith

i have been taking this produc 2 weeks. my energy level is definatley kicked up!

Reversed my bad health!
by GB

Love this product! Lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol within 6 weeks! Didn't have a single issue with shipping and found the company great to work with.

Horrible Service
by Charles Agboh

After two weeks I am still waiting for my proargi9 plus product at $150. This is the worst service ever. Either I get money back or I will sue or I get the product I ordered.

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