f New Chapter Zinc Food Complex Reviews and Information

Zinc Food Complex

Supports immune function and energy production
Promotes skin resilience and repair
Gentle and easy on the stomach
Product: Zinc Food Complex
Brand: New Chapter (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: Take 1 tablet daily.
Retail: $15.95
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5 Customer Reviews

by Kate Riley

I have been suffering from Rosacea for 10 years. I am 42 years old and have tried so many things. I have refused to use the products my dermatologist has prescribed because the side effects sound worst then having Rosacea. My doctor also wanted me to take antibiotics everyday, and I refuse to weaken my entire system. I just tried New Chapter Zinc Food complex two weeks ago and there is so much improvement. Right now, it looks like I don't have Rosacea. I hope it continues to work!!! Kate

It Works!
by Stacy

I have had a problem with pimples for as long as I can remember. I never had a serious problem, but it was enough to warrant me to find a solution. I was getting sick and tired of wearing heavy makeup while modeling. When I was in my late 20s, I developed a pimple-like rash that started at the top of my face and ended at my chin. Makeup covered the blemish, but my husband screamed with horror when he wanted me to stop wearing make up. After extensive research I found that Zinc in a multi-vitamin solved the problem BEST for me.

It took about 1-2 months for it to work so be patient. It will help with the acne. I am now acne free thanks to Zinc! Highly recommend!

Zinc for those with stomach issues
by Gordy

After visiting the doctor, I found out that I was having issues with my stomach. It was being very sensitive to some foods and supplements. Coincidentally, I also needed to increase the amount of Zinc in my daily servings.

I came across Zinc Food Complex by NewChapter while perusing my local GNC. It was just what the doctored order (quite literally!) - right on the box it says, "gentle and easy on the stomach". Sure enough, taking 1 tablet daily provided me with my necessary Zinc intake without any stomach discomfort.

At about $16 for a 60 day supply, I can't help but recommend Zinc Food Complex for anyone with a sensitive stomach or gastro issues.

zinc to the rescue
by tasha

It's cold and flu season everyone! Do yourself a favor a boost your immune system with this fantastic zinc formula. I use it religiously- and have for several year during this time of year to keep myself resilient against sickness. I haven't been sick in years!

Zinc for Acne!
by Lana

As a typical acne sufferer, I have a long history of products I used to treat this stubborn and unsightly condition. After talking to some people on a skin care forum, I decided to follow their personal advice and give Zinc Food Complex by NewChapter a chance to prove its effectiveness when it comes to treating breakouts.

I took one tablet every night with food for five months. I experienced no adverse effects while taking Zinc Food Complex supplements. My skin was going through various fluctuations as far as my breakouts. Overall, this particular brand of Zinc supplement was able to somewhat reduce my flare ups and if I had to estimate I would say I obtained about 40% improvement.

Conclusively, when combined with some topical acne medications, this method could serve as a pretty effective way to monitor, prevent and treat breakouts. I would advise all acne sufferers to keep this treatment in mind as a more natural alternative to various other treatments on the market today.