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Awesome for recovery
by HZhu

I use Zinc by GNC because it is a good price and I have trust in GNC. Using Zinc, in conjunction with magnesium, I have gotten better sleep and recovered faster from my workouts.

Great for the skin
by jcdvt

I was recently diagnosed with a temporary skin condition called pityriasis rosea. There is no known cause and no known cure. All doctors can do is treat the symptoms until it goes away on its own. In addition to taking an antihistamine prescribed by the doctor, I began taking this zinc daily as well. The condition started clearing up much quicker than I expected after starting the zinc regimen. I am going to continue to use this product daily for its skin benefits.

High Quality
by Judith

Zinc is important in maintaining good skin integrity and in aiding the healing process. This is a good, reliable zinc supplement. The dosage level is appropriate and it is of high quality. Zinc is a nutrient that is difficult to get in recommended levels from a normal diet. I would rely on this product to provide the zinc needed.

It must help
by g. stevenson

The doctor recommended that my mom take zinc to help her not catch things, as she is almost 95. I can say she hasn't had a cold in several years.

Excellent stuff
by Andy Moua

I remember my step-mom buying a bottle of this after she came back from the doctors. She had really bad diarrhea from having a low level of zinc in her body. She took these every day and eventually she was healthy again. That proves this stuff works. It deserves 5 stars.

zinc is good
by renuka

Zinc is very good for insulin production. It is also essential for men. It is good for metabolism . Zinc is also a good medicine for colds. I usually keep at my home in the winter season. Whenever I catch cold, I will take one. Its good for kids too.

GNC Brand - High Marks
by Beth

GNC always delivers when it comes to their private label goods. I bought the Zinc 50 to use when I felt the onset of a cold. As soon as I feel any type of symptom related to a cold, I will take a Zinc 50 Supplement from GNC for 3-4 days straight. After doing this, the cold is not able to attach on to my immune system, THEREFORE I DO NOT GET SICK!!!! I swear by this product! Thanks GNC!

Don't Forget Your Daily dose Of Zinc
by Candace G.

I take this zinc every morning before I take my other vitamins. I feel like it gives me energy and keeps my immune system up to keep from getting sick. I can really tell a difference when I miss my daily dose.

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