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Zinc chelate
by Nick

It works very well

replaces zinc lozenges
by victoria

I used to use zinc lozenges whenever I felt a cold coming on but I hate the taste. When I saw that Nature's Way had a zinc supplement I was so excited. Nature's Way is a dependable company, I really like their products. These are easy to swallow and you don't have to put up with the yucky taste that zinc lozenges come with. Excellent for reducing the severity and duration of a cold!

Easy on the stomach
by Jill S.

I suffered when I was younger with bronchitis. It never failed that when I started to get a cold, it ended up in the end to be bronchitis. I used to take zinc lozenges to help speed up my immune system, but they always left me feeling nauseous. Whenever I begin to feel like a cold is coming on, I now take this capsule and it does the trick without giving me an upset stomach.

Premium Zinc Chelate 30 mg
by carol1560

These are pretty good. My mom always told me to take zinc when I felt a cold coming on. They seem to beat the cold down a lot faster than if I did not take them. I have taken them for about 2 weeks after a cold disappears and it seems to take the horrible edge off and it seems like it rebuilds my immune system

Get Stronger From The Inside
by Tejas

If you are like me, someone who gets sick regularly, zinc is a good source to strengthen your immune system. Whenever it gets around cold season I start taking the pills and it does a great job.

How Ironic!
by jen

I have a depleted immune system due to a nasty bout of meningitis! Zinc is one of the supplements I have relied on to boost my immune system. I take it daily and increase dosage during times of high stress and high exposure to illness.

Nature's Way Zinc is the obvious choice for me. I trust them to maintain their excellent quality.

Zinc for that cold
by HS

My mother use to give us kids zinc when ever we got sick or showed signs of getting a cold. She would give us a few pills twice a day, and it always worked. It would either help us kick our cold within 2 or 3 days, or it would prevent us from getting a cold all together. I am now married and I am still using zinc whenever I get a cold, or feel like I am about to get a cold. I trust this brand best, and we have tired lots of different brands.

Immune system support
by Cathy Weaver

My son contracted meningitis as a child. The antibiotic therapy depleted his immune system and Zinc is one of the minerals we used to help build it back up.

I also know a lady who has herpes simplex (cold sores) and she swears by this in combination with Lysine to help prevent outbreaks.

Nature's Way is a good product, I trust the company to deliver a pure and reasonable priced supplement.

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