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The BEST there is!!
by Emily

As a breastfeeding mother of 3 kids, I wholeheartedly SWEAR by this stuff! Anyone who has nursed a baby knows how painful it can be in the first 6 weeks. I packed a tube of Lansinoh cream in my hospital bag to have ready when my baby was born because it truly does work from the first time you use it. It keeps your skin from becoming dry and cracked, which helps avoid the pain from nursing. And it is safe for baby, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it off before you can nurse. I will always recommend this to friends. It is number one in my book.

by Ashley

I breast fed for five months and this stuff was amazing. Soothing, and safe for baby too. I used it while I was still pregnant, and it helped the soreness and chafing even then

a must-have
by chrissy

I made the mistake of waiting until my son was 3 months old before trying this product. It's so great I still use it, and he's almost 1. It's so soothing and great for chapped lips and cheeks also.

Sweet relief
by Jeanette florio

The only other thing I could think that would have worked as good as this stuff is a numbing agent or orajel, lol. I absolutely love lanolin and lasholin has the purest.

High Praises
by Samantha

I couldn't find anything that worked for me while I breastfeed my daughter. Until a friend of mine told me about Lansinoh I will never use anything else

High praise
by Erica

I received this as a gift and unfortunately wasn't able to use it because I'm allergic to lanolin. I passed it along to my sister and she couldn't say enough about how great it was. She had tried other brands and said she would never go back to any brand other than the Lansinoh.

AHHHH Relief
by dawn

This product was sent from heaven. This was such a relief once I started using it after every feeding and shower. Plus ladies, it will keep your bra or nursing pads from sticking to your owies:)

Life Saver
by Lyn

I used this with my second child. It helped me to get through the experience. I would definitely recommend this product. It felt like such a relief when I used it.

by jenn

As a first time nurser, I did not have a very good latch for a while. I used this after every feeding and it helped me to push through it until I figured it out. Thank you!

by dana

I would recommend this to any mom who breast feeds.

If You're Going to BF, Try This
by Jaclyn Miller

I used this product while nursing both of my kids, who are 2 and 8 months. It prevented me from getting sore, cracked nipples during the baby's first days while we were getting the hang of nursing. It was so great to foucs on the baby and how they were latching rather than worrying about discomfort. Definitely rub it between your (clean) fingers before applying; it warms up and goes on better. It is a bit greasy to protect your skin, but it never bothered the babies. The price point seems high, but it lasts for a long time. Ask your nurse or lactation consultant for a sample, as many hospitals have them available. I know Lansinoh played a part in making my breastfeeding experiences positive ones.

by April Arceneaux

My children are 5, 4, and 1. I have nursed them all. I had this cream for my first child and might have used it once.

A must have for nursing moms
by Anonymous

Wonderful product that does what it says. Use it from the first nurse until breastfeeding and latch is well established. Does not bother baby at all and promotes moist healing. It does last a long time and is well worth the money!

by Amy Trauntvein

Love this product! Was the only thing that worked for my sore cracked nipples right after giving birth and beginning to breastfeed. I used this for 3 of my 4 children, and was given samples by hospital to try. Like I said, this product worked great, but is very expensive. The tube does last a long time though. Gave 4 stars instead of 5 only because of the price.

Great product, but too expensive
by Carol

This product is indispensible for a new nursing mother but holy cow ! It is too expensive. I am an OB nurse and I handed out the sample packs by the handfulls because I wanted my moms to use it.

Long Lasting
by Kristiana Young

I was first introduced to Lansinoh on the day my son was born. The hospital gave me a little welcome package that came with booklets on taking care of baby, feeding options info, and many samples including 2 small rectangle packets of Lansinoh. I was able to talk to a breastfeeding nurse (they are a name specific type of doctor...cant remember exactly but I'm sure they will know if you ask for a breastfeeding professional) to help me get started breastfeeding. I'd recommend to ask to talk to one even if its not your first time breastfeeding because you can ask her/him for extra samples or if the hospital is not giving samples they may be able to get some for you anyway!! The Lansinoh samples go along way and can save you money for all those new baby needs. All You have to do is open the sample at the top, squeeze out a pea size dot on your pointer finger or directly on your nipple, and smooth over your nipples gently. You can warm it inbetween your fingers then put it on if the solution is too solid for extra gentleness and ease of speading on sore cracked nipples. Put the leftover sample in a ziploc baggie or push out the rest in a lip gloss case or reuse something like a carmax jar or even a contact lens case, so you can have it ready at any moment or take it on the go without any mess!! You can even do this when your samples run out and buy a new bottle of Lansinoh. I did notice a bit of coloring left on my nursing bra, but with a quick rub of soap and water before tossing the bra in the wash got the color out. Or you can opt for nursing pads, which are great for leaky nipples and give extra comfort for soreness without the Lansinoh getting on anything. You can also you Lansinoh to help prevent nipple cracking, but it can get pricey. Overall I say this is a wonderful product and help me enjoy nursing my baby! xoxo

Great product - get it before baby is born!
by Lauren

It worked great. Just make sure to rub it between your fingers first to warm it up and make it easier to rub on. It is very sticky straight out of the tube and hard to rub which can cause some pain. Once warmed up it rubs on easily. I love that it is natural and safe for baby, if there is any not absorb by the time you need nurse.
Also a great lanolin if you're using wool cloth diaper covers! You can use this to lanolize the covers. The tubes are quite large for just using them for damaged nipples, so great that it can serve another purpose too. You do need to emulsify it with a little soap in very warm water before adding to the water with the cover, from my experience.

It really helps!
by Amy Royer

I loved this product when I was breastfeeding, and even for tenderness before the baby was born. It always made my tenderness bareable, and my nipples soft. One of the best things is that it is all natural, this means that you do not need to wipe it off before feeding baby because it poses no harm. Baby never notices, but you do!

good stuff
by robin

This stuff is a must for new moms.

by kittykorat

Essential for the first few weeks nursing a new babe, but be careful not to get it on clothing, it stains.

by Carolyn

We used this everytime my nipples start to feel sore and it goes away!! It's antibacterial, safe for baby, a must have!!

by Ali

I used this in the beginning, great for sore nips from pumping. I still use it on my son when he has a chapped nose. I also used it when he was chapped from sucking on a binkie hard while teething.

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