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Safe and effective
by Ann

I used to have a real Aloe plant but then I got a cat and she loves to eat plants. Since I can't take a chance on her getting sick by eating plants, I bought these Natural Brand Aloe Vera Gel capsules. These are real handy to use if you get a cut or burn and don't have the actual plant on hand. Recently I burned the top of my arm while taking a casserole out of the oven. I pierced one of the capsules with a straight pin and squeezed it on the burn. I applied it 3 times a day and it helped prevent the burn from blistering. I did have a little scar there but I believe the Aloe Vera gel helped make the scar less noticable than if I didn't apply it. My daughters-in-law also keep this on hand now for when my grandkids get a cut.

Heals dry cracked feet
by Glenda

I use Aloe Vera Gel for sunburns and also on my feet. In the summertime I go barefooted most of the time and get dry cracked feet. I rub the bottom of my feet which is dry and cracked from the heat and they feel better and heal faster.

A Must Have!
by Margi L

We always keep some of this product on hand at our home. We do not take it internally but use it for sunburn mostly. We are a very active family with sports and water activities and occasionally get too much exposure to the sun. The Aloe Vera gives my kids instant relief on their tender skin which makes everybody happier. I keep a small needle taped to the side of the bottle so I can pierce the capsule and apply right where I need it.

Great Price Great Product
by Courtney

I suffer from heartburn on occasion and was tired of paying such high prices for over the counter heartburn medication that didn't work properly. I was very excited when my grandmother told me that she'd read somewhere that aloe vera was great for relieving heartburn. I decided to give it a whirl and BAM! It knocked my heartburn out in no time at all. I also keep it on hand for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and bug bites that my 4 little boys seem to constantly be inflicted with. This is an all over remedy that I am extremely impressed with.

Good product
by dee

At our household we keep this product on hand for the kids and my husband and myself in case of unexpected emergencies. It works like a charm for bug bites & burns. I have used it to minimize the itching of poison ivy for my son. It works great but has to be used in conjunction with a topical.

Great for burns
by C Collins

Instead of using ice on a burn, I use Aloe Vera Gel. It works a lot faster and better than ice does. If I use ice I usually feel pain from a burn, but not when I use Aloe Vera Gel. It's also good to use on sunburns.

On hand for Emergencies
by jud655

Besides being effective for what I use it for and because of the price, I keep this product on hand. I do not take them as prescribed. I use the capsules for quick relief for burns, bug bites, rashes, etc.. using the capsule this way, I find it effective. I just snip the capsule and apply. No mess.. for the price, I will keep it on hand.

does not like the smell
by nivi

Aloe Vera is good for health. But I did not like the smell. Aloe Vera is very good for burns. But this gel did not work for me. When I had severe burns, I used this gel, but it didn't work. The burn was infected and took I antibiotics for the infection. I don't recommend this product.

One and Done
by Ted

I only purchased this product one time, mainly because I trust GNC products. This one however proved not to be very effective. It's unusual for a GNC product to be priced at this level, and I found out why.

Good for an emergency
by Valorie Joy

For the price I will continue to take them as I do like GNC products. I burned my finger on the oven and opened a capsule up with a pin and used the gel for instant relief. So they're good to have on hand for burns.

Aloe Vera Gel
by Jean Pak

This relatively cheap aloe vera gel product was not very effective. Too many capsules were needed to take daily. The pills were also very big to swallow. It would be better to physically grow the plant and to use the aloe vera in its natural form.

Did nothing for me
by R. Todd Woodstock

I truly believe in GNC products; however, the Aloe Vera really did nothing for me. I used this to help with digestion, but I felt I was just wasting my money. Not highly recommended.

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