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Aloe Vera
by Kay

I use aloe vera for any blemishes I might have or if my skin feels dry and needs extra moisture. I also use it to help soothe the skin and tissue lining of my digestive track so I can keep things flowing more freely. LOL

by M.K. Pak

Aloe Vera is a beneficial, common plant. It can be used externally and internally. My skin was awful after all cancer treatments. So I tried aloe in order to comfort my dried skin. Aloe Vera contains vitamins, enzymes, minerals, anti-microbial, amino acids and sugars. The chief virtues of Aloe Vera are indigestion relief, reduce inflammation, cleanse and sooth the body.

i am loving it
by sumathi

I love the aloe vera and I personally know all the good qualities of it. I use it for my hair and I apply the aloe vera gel to my face also. It is the best nutrition supplement which has all the goodness needed to our skin and body. When I heard about this particular product, to consume the aloe vera is much easier to me and I am happy to say that I have used this product for 5 months and I am happy with it.

Worth every Penny
by Lolly

I used to have severe indigestion problem. 2 months back I heard about this product from my brother and it's miraculous wonders. After I started using this product, I felt so light and comfortable after 1 hr of consuming my food.
I did lot of research on the internet and read great reviews from other people and I will definitely recommend this Product to everyone.

Worth It!
by DomZ

This is a safe, effective, natural way to absorb nutrients when your intestines are giving you trouble. Suffering from IBS is a terrible thing and you often end up sick because you are unable to take in nutrients from the food you eat. This solves that problem for me and I'm thankful for it!

Aloe Vera
by Savannah R.

Since I have ulcerative colitis many health books recommend drinking Aloe Vera juice. I tried to drink it but had major issues because of the taste. So, I looked up Aloe Vera on the internet and found that you could take it in a pill! So, I bought this particular brand and have been using it ever since. I used to have severe abdominal pain and since Aloe Vera it has been reduced significantly.

Definitely worth a try
by Brenda

I used to have an extremely irritable stomach, to the point where I was afraid to eat almost anything and had trouble digesting what I did eat. I did not go to the doctor, I just tried to adjust my diet to suit the 'mood' my stomach was in that day. A friend recommended taking aloe vera capsules so that my stomach would not be so irritated and so that I could better digest what I was eating. I did take the capsules, and the main area where I noticed a difference was with fresh foods like salads. If I was taking the capsules daily I was able to eat green vegetables etc. without my stomach aching; if I stopped the pills, the problems would start again. It didn't clear up everything that was wrong, but it did make many of my days back then a lot easier. I no longer take the capsules because I seem to have 'grown out' of that stomach problem, but I do recommend them to people who say that they often have irritated stomachs from eating basic foods.

No Undesirable Side Effects
by cynthia

These capsules are perfect for someone who will not drink Aloe Juice because of the taste. Aloe taken internally will help pull heavy metals from the body, something anyone alive today needs.

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