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Great for healthy skin and complexion
by Josh

I have my own aloe plant and use it for everything. However, sometimes you don't have time to go and pick your own leaf (or maybe you don't even have your own plant). That's when supplements like this come in handy. It's a convenient size and you can use it for all your usual aloe vera needs. I have found that it really gives my skin a healthy glow, and best of all its cheaper and all-natural compared to expensive treatments from department store brands like Olay.

It's ok
by Roxanne Ranelli

I really did not enjoy this product as much as I thought. I tend to enjoy the gelling aspects of Aloe rather than the tasteless ones. This did not sit well in my stomach, although, my husband did not seem to mind it. This is not an aloe I would recommend for a quick fix to sooth and comfort the itching pains one may have.

Low flavor, good product
by R. M.

Horrible tasting, it's true, which is a surprise since it's clear as water! But this has really improved the look and feel of my skin. Also has helped with digestive trouble.

Great Supplement
by Louis

My dad used to cut up the aloe vera and make me put it on my skin. With this juice, I am able to take a daily dosage of aloe vera and it can supplement my body with the essential minerals and vitamins. It has made my skin smoother and improved my digestive system processes. I definitely recommend this.

Tastes Awful
by will

I may be alone in this, but I simply cannot stand the taste of this stuff. As a topical treatment, great; as an ingestive, its rough. I realize that usually the liquid form of a supplement gets absorbed quicker, but this one's more suited for capsules.

True nectar of the gods!
by T. Danger

I love this minimally-processed aloe vera juice. I drink some before all my meals and have had a much happier tummy for it! My kids will even drink it if they feel a little "gurgly." Plus, after a long day out in the sun, I've been known to pour a bit in tepid/cool bathwater-- it is so delightful and all-natural!

Perfect for a all natural, healthy diet
by TC

I always advocate an all natural, healthy diet. This juice drink fits perfectly with my lifestyle. I take this 3 times a day, right before my meals. It doesn't taste like grass or have any leafy taste at all. I find the juice not only helps with digestion (especially for those heavier meals), but it also helps my skin stay beautiful. My skin looks less dull and more radiant after drinking this juice. It tastes good and it's good for you in every way. I would drink this over any refrigerated juice blend any day!

Helps clear skin and digestive problems
by Angel C.

Aloe Vera Juice helps clear my skin and helps my heartburn after eating spicy food. Usually after eating hot or spicy food I always end up getting bad heartburn that in turn gets so bad I have to take anti acids. With Aloe Vera juice, my heartburn is eliminated and in the process my face looks beautiful and clear of blemishes. I love this stuff and will continue to use it throughout my life.

Heartburn Relief
by cynthia

Aloe Juice provides quick relief from acid indigestion and heartburn. It actually helps to heal the problems involved rather than simply relieving symptoms. My mom was able to stop taking Nexium after she began using Aloe Juice daily.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice
by Janet Higdon

I currently drink 4 ounces twice daily usually mixed with orange juice. I have increased energy and it promotes the absorption of other supplements. I also use it as an astringent after cleansing my face. It promotes smoothe, blemish free skin.

Natural Healing at its best
by Chrislyn

I have used this juice on my sons' cuts and scrapes and it was just like pinching off a piece of an aloe vera plant. When I drink it consistently, I normally don't get sick. It is a natural boost to my immune system.

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