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alovera is very use full for nutriationt
by D K Dwivedi

These fresh, naturally potent aloe vera juices have a very unique and pleasing taste. While most people enjoy drinking them,but i like it direct use as jel

A Great Juice
by christine

yum! Delicious and healthy!!

Do you eat Banana Skins?
by S. Sedgwick

Would you eat the skin of a Banana? No of course not, so why use the whole leaf of an Aloe plant? The useful part of an aloe plant is the inner gel, not the outer leaf. The outer leaf is very good as compost though. Also there have only been 75 essential nutrients found within aloe, how come this one has gained an extra 125?

Much relief
by Paul

My friend grew an aloe vera plant in his house and I'd take some leaf cuttings from it from time to time. The aloe vera juice is really something. Very moisturizing and soothing.

Well this is a juice that you can put on your skin or drink. I haven't consumed this and I'm not sure I'm really sold on the idea of drinking it. It does work awesome for any kind of burn - wind or sun. I don't have access to that aloe plant anymore but this takes up a lot less space.

Good enough to pour all over.
by es

Well when we have a burn and are in distress we usually put on some aloe vera gel sold at local pharmacies. This helps alleviate the hurt or damage done to our skin. Then we ask what will help out our insides? For a time I noticed that I had become "irregular" and my skin had become very dry and dull. I asked a couple girlfriends that had come up with the solution of this aloe product. I said to myself it is impossible for this to help me out. However, I went to the store and found myself at the mercy of this product. Well after about 2 days I noticed that my bowels had happily begun returning to normal. This is the kind of news I wanted . Since using it over the last month I have also noticed the hydration in my skin to have returned. This is an economic product that may alleviate many issues one may have.

by Destiny

This product is simply amazing! I think that it's great that there is finally Aloe Vera that is in a liquid and not the nasty pills! The taste is pretty good and everyone knows that Aloe Vera is awesome for cuts and scrapes. You get the same effect without the bad taste of the pills. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!

Very useful, very soothing.
by Jae

Finally, an Aloe Vera product I can afford that isn't in pill form! I actually drink a Korean Aloe Vera juice, which is where I get mine, but having aloe in a topical form is so so helpful, especially when you don't have room to grow your own plant! My grandmother would always cut up and scrape a leaf for burns and cuts, and I never ever had a scar with them. After time, I noticed that after I stopped putting aloe on my cuts and burns they would dry out and scar pretty noticably. After that, I started looking for aloe plants to grow, but those take quite a long time. I tried this product, and can say that even though it's not 100% the same thing, it works pretty much just as well! It's actually pretty nice smelling, too.

Very useful
by CN

A bottle of this goes a long way with lots of ailments. We used it on burns, sunburns, scrapes, etc. The kids were always getting injured with something, and I can't cook anything without getting burned. I think we liked the soothing relief from sunburns the most though. Easy to apply, and no burning when you put it on.

Good for all
by Haylie

This is wonderful, works for anything your grandmother used the Aleo Vera Plant for in the old days. I got a grease burn tonight and have been putting this on the burn. I highly recomened it for anything any burns, cuts, and scrapes. You can also apply it to pets. We used it on our dogs if the get any wounds.

Wind chapped
by Julie

My husband works offshore and his face is always getting wind chapped. He has tried lotions of all kinds, and this is the only thing that works! It eases the affects of the wind and also great for burns and cuts.

Great for Minor Scrapes and Burns
by Melissa Martinez

This stuff is the absolute best. I love it for mild scrapes and burns, including mild sunburns as well. It does not sting, goes on smooth and starts to cool and heal almost to the touch. I would recommend refrigerating after you open, simply because a little goes a really long way and so this bottle will last you forever, and a skin will start to form over the top if you don't refrigerate.

Great for sunburns!
by Corri

I used this product while in Florida on vacation. I had gotten a terrible sunburn. This worked soooo much better than the usual Aloe gel or lotions I used to use on sunburns. It soothed my skin and was very moisturizing. I have not used this product for any other reason than to treat my sunburn, but I would still highly recommend it.

Great cure for an itch
by Roxanne Ranelli

This is one of several aloe products that have worked for me and my family. I mainly use this product for conditions or treatments related to "itching" symptoms. This product took away a lot of itch and pain for my sun-burned husband. The cooling effects were great, too!

Aloe Vera
by Karen

My parents have been buying this for health reasons. The juice itself doesn't taste the best, but it sure does help. My dad has heart conditions and high blood pressure, and my mother been trying to bring it down. He's been drinking Aloe Vera on a daily basis and eating oatmeal which been helping a lot. The price is great and the product does really help. I've also tried it myself and my skin has been looking a lot better.

Great Option
by Robert

I like this aloe because it's natural and I normally have allergic reactions to aloe with more chemicals in them. This is the way to go by far.

Good for under eye dark circles.
by SP

I use Aloe Vera juice to treat scars on my face and under eye dark circles. This aloe vera juice gave me excellent and impressive results. You have to use this for longer time to get good results. This is not so expensive compared to other brands.

Wonderful for kids!
by Kristina Richardson

My parents have been putting aloe on little cuts/scrapes, etc for as long as I can remember. I used to call it Indian medicine when I was a kid. It always made my itchys or owies go away and now that I'm grown and have my own kids, I use it always. They are just as comforted with this as I always was.

by Valorie Joy

A good size bottle for a good price. It can be used for a variety of remedies. I use it after sunbathing, on my face, and if someone in my family gets burned or even itchy. Immediately feels soothing and of course Aloe Vera doesn't stain clothes.

A Great Product
by Jose

As a kid when I'd get minor scrapes, I'd always rush to the aloe vera plant to get some of the "liquid" from it to apply to my scrape. This product makes it much simpler to access the "liquid" which you can apply to minor scrapes on your body for immediate relief of discomfort.

by Mike Huang

I used this aloe vera juice mixed with natural fruit juices, and this product works wonderfully. Each day, I feel a lot better and relieved from heartburn or stomach problems. I've also used this on my skin when I have a burn or a very bad scar. The aloe vera relieves my burn and also dissolves some of the coloring from my scar so it's not as dark.

It's good
by nivi

Aloe Vera juice is good for skin problems. In case of burns we use aloe Vera. It's good for cold and cough too. Aloe Vera has more medicinal values. I use this product when I have burns and cuts. I recommend this to my friends too.

Almost as good as the aloe plant
by Debb

I love this product for sunburns. It takes the sting right out and sooths the skin well. This is the next best thing when you can't take the plant with you.

Great for sun burns!
by Robert

This stuff works wonders for healing sun burns and other minor burns. May sting a little but it will get the job done and make you feel a lot better. I have also found some luck putting it on poison ivy to help reduce the itch.


its a magic
by shilpi tandon

I have had several skin problems since childhood and have been using Aloe Vera for many years. But it was always messy Since I tried this juice I am on it .It is really pure and effective.It is good for skin problems and hair problems too. It is inexpensive, and should be taken regularly.

by EF

A simple and effective product. Great to apply after a minor burn, to ease pain and discomfort. This can also be used to relieve heartburn. This product is all natural and good value.

Aloe Vera
by Rashmi R

I like this product a lot. Aloe Vera is a natural healer for various health-related issues. I suffer from heartburn and indigestion. Many antacids and over the counter medicines that I used have never helped. Finally when I heard from my friend about this product I started using it and have seen a considerable improvement in my heartburn and digestion problems. I would definitely recommend this to others. Especially when its made of natural aloe vera leaves its worth a try.

Good for Digestion, Skin Ailments and More
by Lori Ann Hull

This supplement can be used by the entire family from 8 years old and up for a variety of ailments both external and internal. We live at the beach so sunburns are common as are the occasional jelly-fish attack. Also, if you take this on a regular basis, you will experience less "sour stomach" and heartburn. Mix it with fruit juice for the best results. Thumbs up from this Family!

2nd best to the real thing!
by allismom

This is the next best thing to carrying a plant with you wherever you go! I grew up being told for every skin problem, "Go get the Aloe plant!" Well, this is much more convenient. I always keep some in my beach bag, too!

Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I use Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice for my heartburn. Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice works great for my digestive problems. Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice healed my heartburn problems. Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice really works for me.

My miracle elixir
by Francesca Muir

I swear by this Aloe Vera. It's good for so many things, including digestion, treating small cuts and burns and complexion care. Plus, it's inexpensive and so easy to use.

Lubricate your tummy
by Niki Hause

It has been widely known that Alow Vera improves your digestive system. Having had chronic problems in that department, I have tried all sorts of things to cure my chronic constipation. The Alow Vera juice has the capacity to lubricate the colon walls and assist with blockage, or at least that was what health practitioners claim. I do agree with them. I also found that things inside were noticeably smoother when taken regularly. But if you only take it intermittenly, as I have a tendency to do, you will not get the results you could.

Aloe Vera by the Bottle
by sheila franklin

I no longer have the aloe vera plant that I used for cuts and burns on my kids. This product is organic in nature and uses the whole leaf which in essence makes it a much simpler solution to buying a new plant when you don’t have a green thumb.

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