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Works Great
by Dr. Rob

Bee Pollen is proven to be quite helpful to the body, but it is important to also eat right and exercise. Avoid things such as alcohol and illegal drugs/substances. I'm not sure why it did not work for others, but it works great for me.

Doesn't work!
by Joseph Thomas

I bought some of this Natural Bee Pollen and I took it for two weeks. When I went in to see my doctor he said that these products have been proven not to work. He also said that for me (a person with bad allergies) I should stay away from these because they can cause a really bad reaction.

Bee Pollen Hype
by Will

Stay away from all bee pollen products, these are one of the older supplements, and there has probably been more scientific testing on this than any other supplement. All of which has come back stating that it creates no measurable benefits. I took this product for 2 months, and it bore out the testing--nothing gained when I began taking it and nothing lost when I went off.

Terrible Flavor
by Shreyas Patel

I know that the flavor is terrible, but I found out that some people can die from an allergic reaction to bee pollen. I was going to use this for my allergies, however I realized I might be allergic to bees and decided against it.

Not worth It
by D

I did not like this product at all. I noticed no results, nor did my spouse. Also, remember that bee pollen CAN result in a dangerous allergic reaction. All and all, this product is not worth your hard-earned money.

Bee pollen for allergies
by Candice

I had read that bee pollen may help a person like me who has seasonal allergies. I bought these pills at GNC and although I didn't see a huge difference I would still recommend them to anyone searching for a non-medication route, it is worth a try.

i dont like it
by gb

These did nothing to me. These here are a waste of money and I don't recommend them to anybody.

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