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Sun A Chlorella 200 mg

Chlorella is a member of eukaryotic organism (true nucleus plant), which has been on earth since the pre-Cambrian period over 2 billion yeas ago. It is not a sexually reproducible plant but unicellular, freshwater green alga, which divides itself so rapidly into four times in every 20 to 24 hours. (From the latest gene analysis of Chlorella, it turned out that it was 540 million years ago that Chlorella and Chlamydomonas diverged from a common ancestor.)
Product: Sun A Chlorella 200 mg
Brand: Sun Chlorella Corp (More Products)
Size: 1500 Tablets
Dosage: 15 tablets daily
Retail: $129.95
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3 Customer Reviews

by Laury

My dad has tried this an hasn't been all that impressed with the results. The product is kind of pricey for what it actually offers. Glad others have had positive results.

The miracle tablet!
by Linda

This is really the miracle tablet. I take Sun Chlorella everyday along with other vitamins. It gives me energy to do things that I thought I couldn't do. I can go for longer walks with my dog. I can have a better life. I have so much energy after taking this. I feel younger and healthier. I love this stuff.

It's part of my life...
by Sue

Yes, I will attest to this product as being perhaps the best all-round supplement on the market. For twelve years my family and I have been using Sun Chlorella and its energy-giving qualities have always come through for us. For example, the many wee-morning hours working on a masters thesis sent me to the tidy little green bag, extracting about ten tablets and getting on with my work. I considered it brain-food then, as well as now! I always give my three teenagers a dose before school. The small tablets do not smell offensive and one can take the 15 tablet daily quota at different times of the day.