f Symbiotics Colostrum Pineapple Chews Reviews and Information

Colostrum Pineapple Chews

More energy and a stronger immune system. Thanks to the advances of biotechnology in the last decade, colostrum has been reintroduced to the world as a potent growth supplement and immune modulator.

More than 4,000 scientific papers published in medical journals document colostrum's success.
Product: Colostrum Pineapple Chews
Brand: Symbiotics (More Products)
Size: 120 Chewable Tablets
Dosage: 2-3 lozenges twice daily
Retail: $33.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Super value
by cheryl

After breastfeeding my kids I wanted to give them the missing immunity benefits that regular kids' vitamins lack. I found these to be a great source of colostrum and I believe these help them stay sniffle free when all the other kids at daycare are running around with dirty noses. This bottle has more tablets and since kids take 1 or more (depends on age) you get more for your money. They liked the pineapple flavor too. Of course, when I tried the Chocolate Dino Colostrum my kids liked those more and the cost was higher.

Great tasting immune booster
by Lisa

These chews do wonders to boost your immune system and they taste great. Colostrum occurs naturally in mother's milk and helps to boost your newborns' immune system, so why not take it youself? It helps to aid in growth as well. When I feel a cold coming on, I make sure I take my colostrum to help myself fight off the cold faster. It always helps.

Colostrum for your immune system- tastes good, too!
by Jenny

An internet buddy of mine takes these as she believes colostrum is a great boon to the immune system, as it is naturally occuring in mother's milk but not found in foods that we eat. I adore pineapple and told her I had seen these that are chewable and pineapple flavor. She switched to this brand as she likes that they are easier to take and taste great. She swears by colostrum's ability to help her fight off the ravages of some of the symptoms of skin infections she sometimes has. Colostrum is also considered a growth suppplement as well as an immune system aide so she also gives it to her very underweight 13 year old grandchild who has Cystic Fibrosis as she feels it may help with his overall immune function, and keeps him from getting even sicker from so many colds and virus attacks in the winter. This would be a good supplement I believe for anyone who was bottle fed as a baby as formulas are lacking in this substance and therefore one's immune function may not be as good as it could be, as an adult.