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Cant stand the smell
by Donna M. Billings

This product did not work for me! I cannot believe how bad the smell. I thought I was confident in not having odor but my husband and daughter both could smell garlic in the whole house! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!

Great for Acne
by Amy

I've been taking this for months and its antimicrobial properties have helped my acne tremendously. I highly recommend this product, and like everyone else has said it really is odorless.

by Qulwayna

This is the best product to try if you like using garlic for health reasons but dont like the foul taste or odor that comes with it. My sister uses this for health reasons and says how good it is. I tried it but did not like it so I stopped after two days.

Garlic saves the day!
by Rachel

This supplement Garlicin Odor-free Garlic is a great way to go if you want to be healthy and enjoy the benefits of Garlic without the odor! If you are tired of the smell and embarrassing looks you get from taking garlic pills that make your skin and breath smell strong, please try this product!

Great Stuff!
by Shannon

I take this as part of my daily regimen. The greatest part is that there is no odor or icky burps/breath. Garlic is very good for you. It is helpful for bad cholesterol and may help prevent cancer.

No garlic breath
by Kathy

My husband is convinced garlic heals all ails. problem is family members suffer because he insisted on eating whole garlic cloves. you could smell him coming a mile away. I had to do something or take up separate living arrangements. I tried a well-known and well advertised pill form first, but still the smell. Then I found Garlicin and it promised no garlic breath. Very true to their word. Saved my marriage.. literally.

Genuinely fine-tasting!
by Ruth

Garlicin Odor-free Garlic is definitely the garlic supplement way to go, because like it says, it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth, or leave you with bad-smelling breath! And yet the excellent health benefits remain the same. Great product.

Garlicin Odor-Free Garlic
by Khalilah Murarsheed

Garlicin Odor-Free Garlic really does have an odor free taste to it. I take the Garlicin Odor-Free Garlic capsules daily for optimum health. I don't like the taste of other garlic brands. Garlicin Odor-Free Garlic is by far the best.

Love that it's tasteless
by Abbie

I'm one of those people who hates the taste of garlic, and every supplement I tried left me with a nasty garlic taste. Garlicin was the first one I took that was genuinely odor-free and tasteless. I think the fact that it's coated makes a big difference.

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