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Garlic..gotta have it!!!
by Joy

I can't go without taking garlic, the health benefits are outstanding! Plus Puritan's Pride is a very reliable company that has been around for a long time.

Too much fatty foods? This helps!
by Wendy B.

I know my diet isn’t the best and I only have myself to blame. Well no, not really myself to blame, I blame my taste buds. They are the ones that like food with great taste, but I am the one to end up with high cholesterol. I had heard so much about how garlic is great for you and great to help with cholesterol. I know I can eat some great foods with lots of garlic, but it’s not always so easy to do. I found a great little helper in the Garlic Oil 1000 mg. It seems to be helping me with my cholesterol levels and even my immune system. It’s easy to take and (though it does have a smell) to eat, but I am happy I found something to help me.

by Samantha Feuss

We love the Puritans Pride brand!
It is reasonably priced, and easy to order and have shipped right to your door, and the products are good quality.
We decided to try garlic supplements because we kept reading about the many health benefits of garlic. Another great thing about this brand- your breath won't SMELL like garlic! There is no aftertaste, which for me is a great bonus! No one wants garlic breath! This way, you can get all the benefits without the bad smell of garlic!

garlic oil 1000
by barbara

I have always avoided eating garlic because I was concerned with bad breath. After reading about the awesome benefits garlic provides I decided to try a supplement. I used a few other products but my husband always complained that my breath was awful.
My sister recommended this and I switched. No bad breath complaints anymore from my husband! The soft gels are easy to swallow and don't have an aftertaste. I found the product I will stay with.

Trusted brand with good product
by Josh

I've read a lot about garlic's great health benefits. I wanted to get a brand that I trusted and also that wouldn't taint my breath (garlic is infamous for its smell!). I've tried other brands, such as Kyolic. Great stuff, but this is good too (and its not nearly as expensive). Its pure garlic and it doesn't have any noxious smells. I recommend it!

Worth a shot
by Nancy

This stuff really kicks butt! Sure, it doesn't taste very good, but it works very well. I would buy this product again because it really serves it's purpose.

One of the best!
by Anastasia

This garlic supllement comes in very good form which is very easy to swallow and digest. I love garlic because it supports my immune system and helps me to avoid those colds and flus.

Garlic Fun
by Justin

Garlic Oil has many uses. Among them is the use of lowering cholesterol. This is what I originally took this for. Unfortunately, this isn't as orderless as other products in the same market. I did find that I was able to sleep better; although many say that garlic has no affect on their sleep. Overall I had a good experience with this product.

by Belinda

Garlic is a wonder natural herb that not only helps in aiding the digestion but assists in reducing high blood pressure and high cholestoral. Many studies have showed that garlic taken as a daily regimen will help your body's system feel more healthy. I have taken garlic for years and along with other natural herbal supplements attest to its supplemental abilities.

Good Value
by Ted

I love taking Garlic Oil because of the natural ability it has to promote a healthy immune system. I recently switched to Puritan's Pride as the cost was better. I wouldn't say that this is completely odorless however it's worth it for the price.

Healthy cardiovascular Support
by jud655

Garlic has been around for many, many decades, proven to support a healthy cardiovascular system. It also proves effective in helping maintain cholesterol levels, along with providing all round support for your immune system. It is a soft gel, extremely easy to swallow, odor free and tasteless. A must have in your vitamin supplement regime.

Garlic is great!
by Melissa

I use garlic all the time, and I love that Puritan's Pride has made a softgel. Garlic is great for immune system support, for everything from colds to ear infections. This is a strong, easy to take formula. No aftertaste or odor.

Love it
by Shane

I prefer to take garlic over antibiotics. Whenever I notice that I am starting to come down with something, I instantly start taking 1-2 tablets a day. Rarely am I ever sick. It's not the most odorless product, but I will swear by this product. It is great for anyone that loves to go natural.

Natures Miracle
by Tammy Soulliere

I totally love natures remedies and I love the fact that I can get my garlic and not have the smell on my breath! Garlic helps my immune system to stay strong, and the mosquitoes stay away from me as well.

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