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Wonderful Product
by Linda

I have been taking this product for a few months now. I just love that it has no taste and no smell. Garlic always leaves my breath smelling bad but when I take these pills -- "no smell". This product lowers my cholesterol and maintains it.
I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to lower or maintain there cholesterol.

It does smell
by Rachel

My husband used this odorless kind from the Vitamin Shoppe and he constantly complained of the after taste. I know personally I constantly complained of the garlic smell on his breath. Considering garlic lowers your cholesterol fractionally he stopped using the product and is almost positive he never will again.

it looks like Garlic but doesn't taste like Garlic!
by Michael L.

I take Garlic for the blood pressure lowering properties but never liked either the taste or after taste of regular garlic pills. With this product there is no taste and no smell. I get the benefits with no adverse side effects.

Great overall
by Stacy

Deodorized Garlic 500 mg works very well. There is no bad taste or smell and the pill really did make me feel better after I took it for a few weeks. The price is also very reasonable as well.

No more garlic breath!
by TC

I am a true garlic lover however, my family is not. In order to accommodate everyone, I cannot put garlic in my cooking. So, I have turned to this supplement to obtain the benefits of garlic. I have a family history of high cholesterol. I don't have it now, but I'm taking this supplement to help maintain, and hopefully lower my cholesterol level.

Best of all, this product is deodorized, and since I started taking this, no one in my family ever complain about my garlic breath again. It's easy to take and swallow. There is no known side effects with this, so I would recommend this to anyone!

Why Cry....Use The Pill
by Gabriel

I found that using a deodorized garlic supplement has far greater advantages than just eating garlic regularly to maintain my blood pressure! It is much easier to consume a pill than cut garlic!

my husband loves it..
by renuka

My husband has severe digestion problems, so he took this garlic medicine. He loves it because it does not have the garlic smell. He has cholesterol problems too. This garlic helped him to lower his cholesterol. He recommends this to his friends too.. He really loves it.

Deodorized Garlic caps? Genius!
by T. Danger

I am a staunch supporter of garlic for optimal body health, but also dislike reeking of garlic. Too often I have been that person people edge away from in elevators, and I used to hear whispered "what's that garlic smell?" from people around me. How embarrassing! Now I take these deodorized garlic supplements and never have to worry about wafting unpleasant smells wherever I go!

Deodorized Garlic 500mg
by Joan Jones

I like this product as it's deodorized. I've taken some garlic supplements that made my breath smell like garlic. I use it to keep my blood pressure down and it seems to work.

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