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Green Phyto Base Powder

With each nutrient-rich serving of Green Phyto Base, you're not only taking your vitamins, minerals and the ALL ONE balanced formula, you're also getting a healthy portion of green energy. This decade has seen a renewed appreciation for the nutritional value of plants long taken for granted. Phytonutrients from whole plant foods provide a wealth of health-enhancing compounds science is just beginning to understand. Green Phyto Base begins with the concentrated juice of organic cereal grasses: barley, alfalfa, oats, and Green Kamut®, an ancient Egyptian favorite. To this is added the purist organic juices from green cabbage, kale, parsely, and mustard greens-all grown specially in fertile, unpolluted soil, rich in volcanic minerals. These friuts of the green earth are combined with dulce and other sea vegetables. Powerful micro-algae, chlorella and spirulina. also contribute to this perfect phyto-nutritional medium. When combined with ALL ONE's full range of potent micronutrients, this unsurpassed nutritional combination helps start the day with a wake-up call to every cell in your body. Green Phyto Base – Rich in catalytic enzymes,chlorophyll, and trace minerals, this superlative nutritional base is derived from a wide array of Organic cereal grasses, micro-algae, and vegetables from land and sea.

Also available in 10-Day Supply and 66-Day Supply.
Product: Green Phyto Base Powder
Brand: ALL ONE Nutritech (More Products)
Size: 30 Day Supply
Dosage: 1 tablespoon daily
Retail: $44.95
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