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Berry Green

We are convinced that it is better and safer for us, our families, our communities, and our world. The world is awash in chemicals, and those containing culprits sneak into our bodies and wreak havoc. Enough already: it's time to eat honest food, grown without genetic engineering, synthetic fertilizers, and the "ides"- pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Let's plant together, harvest together, eat together, and heal our bodies and the world!

The National Academy of Sciences urges adults to eat a wholesome variety of greens and fruits every day. These foods, if properly grown, selected, and delivered, are bundles of natural health filled with the wisdom of nature. The Untied States Department of Agriculture (USDA) declared that nutrient-dense greens such as spinach and kale and berries, particularly blueberries, may be beneficial in slowing the signs of mental and physical aging. In addition to the USDA and the National Academy of Sciences, The American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association also urge people to consume more greens and fruits in their daily diets, as many responsible voices also urge that these foods are best if certified organic and grown "naturally", not chemically. Welcome to the Berry GreenT experience, an easy and delicious way to get started on the path to wholesome greens and fruits, every day!
Product: Berry Green
Brand: New Chapter (More Products)
Size: 360 grams
Dosage: 1 tablespoon daily
Retail: $69.95
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4 Customer Reviews

V8 Splash!
by Joseph Thomas

Have you ever had one of those healthy fruit drinks? Well. this tastes just like them! I just drink a glass with every meal and I feel and look a lot healthier. It is totally organic so I don't worry about chemicals in my drink.

Common Sense Nutrition Drink
by Tona Ball

For a vegetable and fruit based greens drink, the taste is palatable and doable. This organic drink does not contain grasses but it's loaded with berries, cruciferous vegetables, antioxidant spices and probiotics making it one of the most nutritionally attractive drinks on the market. The only downside of this product is the price, which continually increases. This is the drink for anyone looking to increase their nutritional intake with a taste that won't make you gag.

For health fans!
by Cynthia

My dad is very health-conscious, so naturally, he would try products like Berry Green. He doesn't mind the taste. He says it just tastes like a bunch of fruits and vegetables blended together (it tastes "healthy"). Another bonus is that it is organic! It's so much easier to take this instead of washing and cutting and cooking vegetables and fruits. He feels healthier and more energized every day, and he says he gets better sleep because of it.

berry green is great!
by tasha

This product, upon first taste is not very pleasant... mixed only with water it tastes VERY green... with orange juice you hardly notice it's there. As soon as it goes in, you will feel the magic of this potent powder. Within minutes, you feel an enormous burst of energy. There is speculation that if using a greens powder, you should absolutely use an organic one, because in concentrate, not only are the greens concentrated; so are the harmful chemicals of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Berry green is the only organic greens powder I know of, and not only do you get your greens, you get high ORAC berries. An excellent way to supplement your diet to include more antioxidants.