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Hard to swallow - but really works
by Mari

Like many of the other reviewers, I hated the taste of this, and because the powder doesn't seem to dissolve completely, it can be difficult to swallow. It smells (and tastes) like lawn clippings. That said, it improved my health dramatically in a week. (1 glass a day for 7 days.) My digestion improved, my bloating went away, and I had much more energy. I force myself to keep on this (I've used it now for about 2 months) because I really have noticed a difference. The funny thing is even though it smells terrible, it made my skin and breath smell better over time.
If you really can't stomach the taste, Kyo Green offers a powder that's similar, though not quite as effective. The taste is a little milder, more like green tea and less like dirt.

Really is the perfect food
by Jordan

I bought this product for general health purposes. After using it for a short amount of time, I do notice a positive difference, but the most noticeable improvement is elimination of body odor. Which, to me, is quite amazing! So that is what I will focus on.

After brushing your teeth, your breath may still smell bad (or your mouth just not feel fresh) because your body continues producing the bacteria that are responsible for the stench. Using this product greatly lessens (you could almost say removes) all body odors (sweat, bad breath, feces, etc.) due to its anti-bacterial qualities (I suppose it is the clorophyll?). So I suggest trying this product.

However, the taste may be intolerable to some. To me, it tastes OK. I have tried mixing it with cranberry/grape juice and it tastes much worse like that! If you don't like it, you may want to try taking them in capsule form (but five capsules is a lot to swallow) or perhaps buy pure clorophyll, which tastes pretty much neutral. I don't know if that would work as well, but I myself plan on trying it. So good luck and I hope this review helps you make a better decision and that you're satisfied with whatever product you choose and the end result.

I couldn't live without my Green Perfect Food
by sandy

It's good mixed in smoothies, and added to sea salt to shake onto popcorn, but the way I use it the most is to put it in a jar of water, shake it up and drink it.
Some green powders don't taste good but this one in actually pretty good. It's a good meal replacement and it's also good to drink it (mixed with water or juice) while having a meal.

feelin' green?
by tasha

This product works nicely to give a great jolt of energy, especially early in the day. I found that upon the first time I took it; I felt it immediately. The only issue is the green taste. It's a potent product with a taste to prove it!

Healthy, healthy!
by Denise Grier

Though I can taste the grass, I mix this in with my morning smoothie for the wonderful supplemental value it has and the way it boosts my energy.

Great addition for a balanced diet
by S

I started taking Perfect Food about three months ago, and noticed a difference just after one week! This is a highly nutritious supplement filled with health-giving compounds and antioxidants. It's best when it's mixed in a smoothie, added to some yogurt, or just mixed up into your salad dressing. As long as you're getting one serving per day, you can count on getting some essential vitamins and minerals you can't find in all foods and other supplements. It's conveniently packaged for travel too, so there's no excuse not to stay healthy when you're on vacation!

Perfect food
by Joan Jones

I've been using Perfect food in my smoothies for the past year. I mix soy milk, a banana, some frozen berries, yogurt and Perfect food together in a blender. I don't mind the taste of Perfect food, but it blends better with some fruit and yogurt. I love the ingredient list! you feel like you're getting everything you need in one glass. It's a real energy-boosting way to to start the day.

Healthy but tastes gross
by Diane Keys

This is definitely a very healthy product, but the taste is overwhelmingly hard to stomach, or at least, was for me. Even mixed in something like juice, it still tastes like eating fresh mown grass. I've tried most of the green formulas because I find my body and brain crave these types of vitamin blends, but Kyo-Green is the only powder form that I like. I would suggest the pill form if you buy this product.

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