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by Robert Lowery

I have been drinking it in the AM for almost a year with OJ or Snapple tea (tastes better that way) and have had no cold/flu since. And my cholesterol has dropped significantly. And that's the truth.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance
by Michelle Moskovich

I have only been taking this product for one week. Just have some consitipation and would like some feed back if this is common. I was thinking it would be the other way around with type of product. Answers anyone if they had the same result in the beginning.

by Dr. Emily Arnold

I've been on Green Vibrance for about one month, and I have noticed an improvement in my overall digestion, energy and my complexion is glowing and vibrant. I am extremely pleased with the results that I feel on the inside and which show on the outside. Tried other mega green foods and there is no comparison.

Pastoral Counselor
by Myra M.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in August and put on a strong dose of an antibiotic for 21 days. I knew the side effects would be awful, and a friend recommended Green Vibrance. I have taken it daily ever since, mixed with organic grape juice, with great results! And the 21 days on that antibiotic were free of the usual side effects! I'm hooked for life!

by Nolan 'Gus' Galloway

A friend recommended this product to me this summer with the recommendation that it had lowered his chloresterol; Now I am particularly skeptical having gone down numerous roads on various supplements with no success, but I thought what the heck I'll try it for a month or so. I had been taking Green Vibrance about five weeks when the time came for my blood work to be done. Eureka! My doc's nurse called a couple of days later to ask what I was doing since my LDL went from 113 to 76. I think I also have a better energy and libido level but that is subjective. The blood work is real numbers.

by geoff george

My wife and I have been drinking the green daily in orange juice and find it quite palitable. I no longer have constant stomach pain and my wife's heart burn has greatly subsided.

vibrant health green vibrance
by sharon malone

I liked the way it tastes,and the way it mad me feel vibrant and alive. It gave me energy to get through my day, which is great. I'm very pleased with the results.

by Jeanie

I do not have good nutrition and was constantly, I mean constantly, starved. Almost no matter what or how much I ate I was still famished. I suspected my poor nutrition was causing this unusual hunger so bought Green Vibrance powder. I've been on it for about 2 weeks and am so grateful that this issue has lessened so much, I'm just hoping it keeps up. Am hoping that weight loss is not far away now!

Pilates Instructor
by Leigh

I feel that Green Vibrance fills in my nutritional gaps and I feel great. But more important to me are the detox benefits. I used those pads that go overnight on the bottom of the foot and I always woke up with this brown gunky stuff in the pads. I had sort of forgotten about them but had a few left so after I had been taking my Green Vibrance regularly for about 6 months I used the detox pads again and in the morning the pads were clear...nothing! Need I say more??

Love this product!
by Deborah

I absolutely love Green Vibrance. I first tried it at our local natural foods store, where they had a free dispenser set up that contained Green Vibrance in apple juice. I started grabbing a cup at the beginning of each shopping trip, and loved the way I felt for the rest of the day. I finally decided to buy it, so I could feel the same way every day. I mix it in a 12 or 16-ounce glass of half water, half apple juice. It is great if you want to improve your digestion, but don't need/want to take laxatives. Also, I can't think of any other way to say it, it just makes me feel good! And I actually like the taste. Just make sure you mix it into your beverage really well, so it doesn't feel gritty when you drink it. I use a shaker and it mixes in perfectly. I will definitely continue to buy this product. It does seem a little expensive at first, but it's definitely worth it since it lives up to everything it promises.

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by Graciela Mrad

I agree with you Michelle Moskovich: I have constipation since I started taking GreenVibrance. I have been reading and this is due to the probiotics in the product. As a matter of fact, the same happened to me 7 years ago when I took a probiotic supplement, and I had to stop taking it for that reason. Probiotics are not for everyone, why Green Vibrance cannot be made without them?