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Kyo-Green No Maltodextrin

Kyo-Green powder contains a pleasant tasting and easy to mix combination of barley grass, wheat grass, kelp and chlorella. Kyo-Green is a unique blend of the best combination of ingredients from land and sea. Barley and Wheat grasses grown in the pristine Nasu Highlands in Japan are blended with Bulgarian chlorella from natural mineral springs and kelp from the Northern Pacific. Kyo-Green is the perfect green to add to your favorite beverage for a refreshing and tasty drink. Be creative and mix Kyo-Green your way to create your own special Kyo-Green cocktail with America's favorite green drink mix. Go for the Green with Kyo-Green.
Product: Kyo-Green No Maltodextrin
Brand: Wakunaga Company of America (More Products)
Size: 2.8 oz
Dosage: 1 teaspoon daily
Retail: $17.85
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5 Customer Reviews

Not for me
by mar100

I tried this in the beginning of my 'healthy' journey. I needed energy, I was suffering from CFS. I chose this brand on a recommendation from the store salesperson. Tasted horrible and left me with horrible digestive cramps for hours.
It just didn't agree with me in any way. I ended up throwing the whole bottle away, after one use. No way was I going to endure those cramps again. I've found green capsules (like Gary Nulls Greens) much easier to take and more effective without any bad side effects.

Easier to tolerate than most powders
by Mari

Even though this isn't as effective to me as Garden of Life's "Perfect Food", it is more palatable and easier to dissolve in water. It's very easy to work into your routine because it mixes so easily, though I don't recommend trying to mix it into juice, as that was terrible! I use this off and on with the Perfect Food, especially if my stomach is upset, since the Kyo Green goes down easier. If you want to ease into "drinking greens", this is the least awful tasting. It's also much more economical than getting the tablets.

Not a bad choice
by Karen

Have taken these products occasionally since having Eipstein Barr virus several years ago resulting in low energy. None of these products taste great, but I could at least swallow it. The liquids seem to be much more effective than the capsules, unfortunately.

Good nutritional value, odd taste
by Marissa Oppel, MS

Although the formulation of this product provides good nutritional value, I found the taste to be unpleasant and rather strong. It was difficult to drown it out with juice. However, my experience with these products is rather limited, so it may not be so bad, comparatively.

by Diane Keys

I have tried many different 'green' products and this one is my favorite. It is the most palatable and mixes the best in juice. The others have such a strong taste and clumped very badly. This product gives an almost instant energy boost when you take it and lasts for quite a long time.