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Excellent anti-oxidant for vision health
by Ivy S.

My father happily credits his good vision and healthy eyes to his taking supplements that are known to have special benefits to the eyes, such as this one, Lutein. He has been a regular user of Puritan's Pride brand of this natural anti-oxidant for more than six years.

I see what you mean...
by Kas

This product has helped with a family member's eyesight a lot. While we weren't getting the right nutrients in our meals, an optometrist recommended trying this supplement and it has made a real difference. The price is affordable, it's easy to find and the company is dependable.

by Jeremy Rose

I began taking this because my eye sight became somewhat blurry late at night. After my 4th dosage, I could see remarkable results. I encourage you to get this will SEE the results first hand!

by Loveit9050

This product was recommended to my father after he had laser surgery on his eyes as a result of glaucoma and other problems that were caused by his diabetes. It helped shorten his recovery time and helped in restoring his vision in as much as it could be.

Lutein 20mg
by Joan Jones

We take this lutein every day, as my husband has high eye pressure which could lead to glaucoma. His doctor advised him to take vitamin supplements to keep his eyes healthy. Since it's difficult to get enough lutein in foods, we felt that a supplement would give us what was needed.

Lutein Vs. Marigolds
by sheila franklin

My cousin recently had lasik surgery, and was nervous about it healing properly. Lutein is found naturally in the retina, so I guess she felt it would speed up the process. This is an especially good idea if you are not fond of eating kale, spinach, or marigolds, where it can be organically found.

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