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Papaya Complete

Natural Blend™ papaya Complete combines proteolytic enzymes from natural sources. Enzymes play an important role in digestion and help to release vital nutrients from food.* Each chewable tablet provides 400,000 USP units of papain and 20 GDU units of bromelain. USP and GDU units, rather than the weight (mg) of the ingredient, accurately measure enzyme activity.
Product: Papaya Complete
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 180 Tablets
Dosage: 1-3 tablets 3 times daily
Retail: $8.99
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4 Customer Reviews

Nice alternative!!!
by Sam Wagner

I love the taste of papaya, but the season for papaya is very short. I know that the fruit has some great health benefits. Since their season is very short, I was unable to get the great health benefits from it year round. So I decided to buy a supplement and I bought the GNC one. The pills are small and the dosages are low. I miss the great taste of papaya, but this is a great alternative.

Provides relief
by Jon

If you're looking for something to help with bloating or just that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, this is definitely one way. I tend to use this when sometimes my stomach just starts acting funny, and really, just chewing a few pills helps me feel that much better. To put it simply, this is an easy way, and best of all, it tastes just like candy.

Good product.
by JJ

My mother had digestive problems and thought she had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I looked on the Internet to find some information and came across an article about Papaya. So I went to my GNC health store and bought this product. Their supplements are well worth the price. My mother started taking it and she didn't have as many stomach problems. She said she has felt a lot better since starting this supplement.

Natural way to spell relief
by Cydney

I use this product occasionally when I get constipated. I like the taste and find that they do help to relieve my stomach cramps. On occasion when I over eat I take the recommended dose to stop problems before they start. Make sure to follow the directions and don't take more than recommended.