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Tasty and Helpful Supplement
by willow

I had read that papaya enzyme supplements can be a healthier alternative to using antacids like Tums for occasional indigestion. I find this to be very true since I started taking Country Life Tropical Papaya. They are small chewable wafers.
Flavor: Tropical, not overly sweet, flavor doesn't linger
Ease to Take: very easy. Chews up quickly and fully, no girt
Pros: No artificial ingredients like colorings, flavors, or sweeteners

I eat one to four wafers after most dinners, depending on what we have. If it is beef, I'll eat 3 or 4, cheese I usually have 1 or 2, other meats/fish I usually eat 2. I'll eat them very shortly after having the meal, and I find that I feel I'm digesting the food better and have no indigestion/gas/bloating.

I'm very happy with this purchase. I chose this particular brand because a lot of others include artificial dyes. I'd recommend this to anyone.

love this product

I have always had stomach problems especially with digestion issues and this really helps. I also love the taste as does my son who does not eat very nutritionally so I give him this as just one more aid in helping him stay healthy.

This is a Godsend
by Alicia

I've always had a bad tummy... fats & oils get to me especially badly. My dad recommended these; I have now been taking them after every meal for about 15 years. I love them; they prevent an upset stomach, & they're all natural. If by chance an upset stomach does occur, sometimes taking a few of these will actually head it off at the pass.

Great find
by regina

About 6 months ago I was having lots of indigestion and an upset stomach. My friend at work brought me these papaya tablets to try. She uses them daily to help with her digestive track. I started using them and quickly found that I did not have to reach for the over-the-counter remedies any longer. I always love finding a natural solution instead of using a medication.

Happy tummy!
by Tina

These papaya wafers really do the trick! I had terrible indigestion and acid reflux for a long time. These wonderful chewables resolved it in no time flat. I would keep a bottle in my desk at work and chew them up anytime. Another nice part about them is they taste great. These have a sweet, light taste that you don't mind having!

A must!
by Cady

This is a must for me! I do a lot of traveling and the little wafers keep my stomach under control! You cannot beat the price!

by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

This was another one of the various brands of Papaya supplements I experimented with. Although it comes within large quantity, I felt the fact I had to take 2-4 wafers 3 times daily was very tedious. In a honest, hard-working college student lifestyle, this is near impossible unless you carry supplements with you. Additionally, I didn't feel my digestion improve, and I remained constipated during the time I experimented with this brand alone. Although I do trust their other products, I feel this Papaya supplement did not match my par.

health from the tropics
by tasha

This product is indispensable for upset stomachs. It's chewable, so it works on contact. The enzymes are fantastic- it works every time. Very handy, very tasty.

gods gift to upset stomachs
by JamesN

Amazing Product! The papaya wafer does wonders for me when I have an upset stomach at school! And its not a capsule or pill so I dont have to worry about it being confiscated at school as medication!

by Caitlin

This product actually tastes very good and it is great if you can't chew a pill~
Give it a go and try it!

This is great
by Gb

OK, so one day I had a huge stomach ache before going to work so I decided to try this. This stuff worked like a charm. The taste of papaya is very good. I actually enjoy eating this. Overall this is a very good product.

Upset stomach - no problem
by Cathy Weaver

Chewing papaya after indulging to much at dinner helps with the acid indigestion bar none.
Tropical Papaya is one of the better tasting papaya's on the market. I keep some in my purse, in my kitchen and my children always have a bottle at hand.
Added bonus of being natural.
Great product.

Tropical Papaya
by Jennifer Seest

I first heard of papaya as a tummy calmer for ladies who are expecting a baby, but papaya also helps with the effects of stomach acid. It's the best tasting nutritional supplement I've ever had, and it's all natural! I definitely recommend this delicious, nutritious product.

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