f Vitabase Papaya Chewable Reviews and Information

Papaya Chewable

Papaya (Chewable) it is used as a digestive aid because of its digestive enzymes. It is especially useful in helping to digest meat
Product: Papaya Chewable
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet with meals
Retail: $4.95
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4 Customer Reviews

Highly recommend this product
by Jessica

Chewable Papaya was suggested to me by a nurse after undergoing the Lap Band bariatic surgery. i was having problems with pain after eating due to the constriction that the band does. I chew 2 tabs and within 5-10 minutes the pain is gone. it is not advised to vomit with this surgery and the Papaya helps wonderfully!!

works fast and is inexpensive
by Ashley

My mother has a tendency to serve each person in our family ten servings more than we can eat. I usually walk away from the table feeling very full and bloated, which for the most part is uncomfortable. For about a month, I've been taking papaya tablets and feeling great in just a matter of minutes. I know it's not doctor recommended, but I love to jog after I eat. When I use to eat at my mom's, it just wasn't possible. Now I am able to jog for 45 minutes after just 15-20 minutes of resting. It works fast and is always effective! I'll probably be taking papaya tablets the rest of my life.

by ashley

I tried these as a recommendation from my mother-in-law and loved them! I took them as a remedy for morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter, they work wonders and the taste is tolerable.
*nothing I didn't like about this product
*Used for about 7months.
*I would definitely purchase it again.
*It lived up to its claims for sure!

100 Tablets by Vitabase
  • Provides enzymes for digestion
  • Papain helps break down meat fiber
  • Alpha Amylase breaks down starches and carbohydrates
  • Protease enzyme helps process protein
  • Pleasant tasting chewable tablet
  • May help fight heartburn and indigestion
This is fabulous
by Trisha

Papaya extract, what a godsend to the bloated feeling after thanksgiving dinner. It helps you digest your food faster and more easily. It rids your body of the terrible bloated feeling. Taste great, easy to take and well worth the money spent on it.