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Aloe Vera
by laura

I apply Aloe Vera to sun burns and scrapes. It heals my skin and leaves it looking renewed.

add to smoothies
by klmiller12

I blend it with fruit, grasses, and ice. It's a nice touch for health and that tangy taste.

aloe vera
by Laury

Recently purchased a huge jug of this stuff after finding out about all its positive effects. Does not taste very good on its own but is fine mixed with water or another drink. Has been great on the digestive system.

Effective Product
by Violet

When my system is not feeling right, I am exhausted to the bone, or if I am getting over a mild sickness, I reach for this. It helps to not only energize me but makes my body feel whole and functioning once again. I have researched the benefits of Aloe Vera for some time and this product really is effective in making me feel good. It provides me with a natural cleansing to my system by assisting in digestive health and in turn this causes me a surge of natural energy. I really like this product for a boost of health.

by Corri

I picked up this product at a pharmacy in Florida while my family was on vacation there recently. My husband and son had suffered from severe sun burn they got while on a deep sea fishing trip. It worked very, very well at cooling and calming their sunburned skin. We were a little skeptical at first because we had never heard of an aloe vera drink. Usually it's sold in lotion or gel form that is intended to be applied directly to the skin. But I can say this product worked just as well, if not better than the gel form. I would highly recommend this product.

Aloe Vera, works
by littlecat

My local pharmacy carries this, and I bought a bottle after I overheard one of the customers talking about it. It does help, in more ways than just energizing you. I found that food was easier to digest, my joints felt more elastic, and I had more energy. I also noticed, after taking it for approximately 2-3 weeks, daily, my hair, skin, and nails were in better condition. I also like the automatic measuring device they have on the bottle, you just squeeze up into the smaller section on the top, the desired dosage or amount. This company also makes a liquid, all natural ADD formula, as another customer of the pharmacy takes it, and is now completely off her ADD prescription medications, she solely takes the 4life liquid ADD formula. It tastes ok, not the best, but the benefits far outweigh the taste. It can also be added to juice. The price for this is not to bad, considering what you get. I have since moved to another city, and I actually have the pharmacist ship me 2 bottles every month.

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by ACE

It works great you should get it.