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OdorFULL garlic
by Nicole Morgan

Despite its name, I found that the GNC odorless garlic supplement actually had more odor than other brands I have tried. To be fair, I don't notice an aftertaste, nor can I smell the garlic after I take it. But, as soon as I open the bottle, the intense smell of garlic comes wafting out. I like to take my vitamins and supplements in the morning, and this is too strong of a smell for me to stomach at 6 am. However, this is a reasonably priced supplement and it is from a name that I trust. I don't know if I will continue to purchase this, though.

Odorless Garlic
by Brenda

I have tried several other odorless garlic products. I love this product the most. Some of the other garlic products I have tried have left an aftertaste of garlic, but I have not noticed it with this product. I would suggest this product to anyone that wanted to try odorless garlic try this one.

Favorite of the Garlic Supplements
by Anna Hazard

After having the virtues of garlic extolled to me during a particularly bad bout with food poisoning (garlic being a natural antibiotic), our family started taking garlic supplements with our meals whenever we ate out of the house.

We've tried many different brands of garlic capsules and tablets over the years, and the GNC Natural Brand Odorless Garlic has come out as our favorite due to its ease of being swallowed and lack of smell or indigestion after. Plus it's been, by far, the cheapest of the garlic supplements we've come across.

by wang

This product is fabulous! I would recommend it to people looking for relief for earaches, infections, etc.
I used it with my son when he was 10. He had an earache with a cold, and it worked so fast and so effectively, it was amazing. Also, he never had the problems again.

Excellent product
by Dave

I used to try and eat garlic 3-4 times a week for the obvious health benefits and the fact that I love it. The huge down side to all this was the terrible breath that I couldn't shake. If I had garlic for lunch, it would be with me for the night. I have used this Odorless Garlic supplement as a great way to get the benefits of garlic without the horrible breath. I still use fresh garlic now and then, but this has certainly been a benefit for my wife, friends and family.

Odorless Garlic
by Jeff

I really hate the smell and taste of garlic but I love the health benefits that you get from it. I have found Odorless garlic works great for me. I get all the health benefits of the garlic, except that there is no garlic smell or taste, and it is all packed into a capsule that you take daily. The capsules are very easy to take.

Good Product
by Jeremy Rose

This product boosts your immune system without causing your sweat to smell like you just ate Italian food. I have friends in Peru who use this along with VitaminC to treat a wide variety of illnesses. I have used this particular product for at least 3 years. I have had very little sickness over the past three years and I credit that to this product.

Wonderful stuff
by Adam Paul

Meeting 1:00, clients at 2 you don't have the ability to have that beneficial garlic bread of linguini with garlic butter. You know it's good for your health, but the smell is bad for your job. Take these's the best of both worlds

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