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by Mary Schlegel

Previously I was taking 100mg of Co Q10 and found myself having trouble sleeping at night. I wanted to continue to use Co Q10, but find that 30mg is just right. It gives me added energy and contributes to a healthy heart. I also like the soft gels, they are easy to swallow.

Great Product
by Linda

I have been taking this product for about six months now. It gets my circulation going again. I have cold feet and fingers and during the winter months it is tough to get around. Now that is all over. I can shovel my driveway and not feel freezing the second I go out there. This also gives me lots of energy. I feel 10 years younger. I would highly recommended this product.

Drastically Improved My Circulation!
by Naomi Hughes

Knowing me to always have cold feet and fingers, a friend recommended that I try CoQ-10. What a difference it made! No more doubling up on socks, or typing with gloves on. I would highly recommend this supplement for anyone with circulation troubles.

Wonderful Supplement
by Nihility

CoQ-10 is a great antioxidant. A lot of people use in to help support healthy skin. I tried it, and after continued usage I noticed my skin was more resilient and smooth. It helps support damaged cell turnover which is why you notice a difference in your skin when using it.

Cant Live w/o it
by Tammy Soulliere

I never realized what I was missing until I added "Co10" into my diet! My energy levels are like they were 20 years ago. GREAT STUFF!

Excellent Product
by Cyndy Dalton

Nature's Bounty Co-Q-10 is a high quality supplement. For my cardiac health, boosting my energy level, and keeping my immune system functioning well, this product is the one I choose.

CoQ-10 A Powerhouse
by Kevin Reilly

Nature's Bounty produces some good products and this is no exception. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential part of one's supplement arsenal. It deals with many health issues namely: raising energy levels, promoting heart health and heightening the immune system.

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