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para que sirve el alfalfa complex
by norma sanchez

para que padecimientos se toma este productos y la dosis recomendada

alfalfa for a better life
by Tina Collins

I have been taking alfalfa for 3 years now. There is nothing like it! It helps with my allergies, joint pain, stomach upset, and keep my digestive system working perfect. For those Oprah Winfrey fans, it makes your bowels have the perfect S and U shapes! LOL! Anyways, I Love this product!!! I know it does so much because I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks and all my ailments I have been dealing with for about 20 years come back! Thanks Shaklee, please don't ever stop selling this product!

Season Allergies gone with Alafalfa
by Anonymous

My daughter and I both woke up congested this morning. It's that time of year- cooler nights equals a Fall allergy that leads to almost always leads to a cold. We both took alfalfa this morning-5 tablets- and within one hour all our symptoms went away. I may actually get through Fall and Spring without a cold for the first time in 30 years!

alfalfa babies
by Chin Chin Agapito

I used to work with an alternative medicine practitioner and we used Alfafa as one of our mainstay regimen for virtually all sorts of diseases.. I remember how my sis-in-law who have been childless for 2 years of marriage because of ovarian polyp, was gifted with 4 healthy kids after starting to take 2 alfalfa tablets per meal. The pregnancies were so smooth and were all uncritical. There were still several dozens of pregnant women who benefitted from this glorious herbs . We call their babies, alfalfa babies!

by alice w.

My son is 40 now and still swears by Shaklee for his allergies to grass, trees, etc. He is always giving it to his friends to help them breathe. My son took alfalfa when just 12 or 13 and started to breathe for the first time through his nose. He went on to win the Most Athletic Award in High School. We all take a full spectrum of Shaklee products since 1972.

Shaklee's Alfalfa helps new Mothers
by Lillambe

I LOVE this product. During my first and second pregnancies, I had no edema. After delivery, though, I swelled up like a balloon. I guess it is just my body's way of reacting to all of the medications and fluids given to me during and after labor and delivery. After my first pregnancy, I tried using massive amounts of lemon juice in my water to deal with the swelling but it took forever for my body to return to normal. After my second pregnancy, though, my lactation nurse gave me a bottle of Shaklee's Alfalfa complex and told me to take 10 to 12 a day spaced evenly throughout the day until the selling was gone. I saw relief from the painful swelling within 24 hours of my first 12 little green pills. It only took 3 days for the excess fluid to be completely gone. I continued taking the pills until the bottle was finished. By the time I had my 6 week postpartum check-up, I had dropped 23 pounds! I am convinced the Alfalfa helped. It also seemed to help with my milk production.

Alfalfa Life Saver
by Mary

My mother takes 10 small alfalfas 3 times a day instead of taking her inhaler spray when she is wheezing.
My husband takes 5 alfalfas 2 times a day for great releif for arthritus I buy it at

by lala5

Great stuff! My mother has been taking this for years and I just started myself. You will really enjoy the benefits of this. The product itself is great, but the price value is even greater.

Shaklee's Alfalfa earns an A+
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

My parents were loyal Shaklee customers when I was growing up. Something got my mom's confidence in Alfalfa and she would pile the little green tablets on the counter for us every morning. I would gag on the taste, so when I could, I would slip them in my pocket and throw them as far as I could once I got a few blocks away from home on the way to school. (expensive throwing pebbles! Poor mom)

But one night, Shaklee's Alfalfa made a whole new impression on me that I've never forgotten!

Grape Tang was new and my mom gave us a small glass for a treat after dinner. Within 15 minutes, I had a terrible headache, was vomiting and had huge, welted, itchy hives all over my entire body. My mom was scared and thought of taking me in to E.R. but thought she would try to help me herself first, to see if she could. (Present day, I would take my kid into the E.R. lol!) I stopped vomiting, so she said she had to clear that Tang I must be allergic to out of my sytem, so she made me drink 1 glass of water with 2 Shaklee alfalfa tablets every 15 minutes. After the first 2 doses (1/2 hr), I was sobbing and didn't want to do it, but she said I had to. She said it appeared the swelling might be going down some and this encouraged her to continue even more so. After 5 glasses of water and 10 alfalfa in an hour and 15 minutes, my hives were nearly gone and I was resting and the danger was obviously fading away.

Currently, I am STILL impressed and amazed with what those Shaklee alfalfa pills did, as much as I hated them as a kid. If they can do THAT, they HAVE to be GOOD!

I never thought I would say this over 30 some years ago, but if I didn't love fresh alfalfa sprouts so much today, I would be buying and using those supplements myself even now!

I'll never forget them and give them an A+!!!

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by mimi