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by joyce

My mom has been diagnosed with skin cancer on her face and has gone through laser surgeries, but they keep growing back. So they decided to do radiation since she is already 90 yrs. old and can't handle chemo. It left a big ugly, disgusting blob on half of her face. Somebody suggested green barley. We are desperate so we let her try it. The second day she took it, the blob on her face has dried up a lot abd she said she is feeling much better. Now i have been taking it, and my energy level has gone up. Miracle grass!

Loved it for years!!
by elle

My Dad used to order this by mail YEARS ago, I can remember taking it as a teenager. I enjoyed the health benefits so much, I used to travel with it. The taste takes a little getting used to, but the health benefits outweigh that by far! I love it in a smoothie, you never even know it is there. I really like the smell too. I was not surprised to find BarleyGreen at the top of the list.

Oh my goodness!!
by Sarah Lewis

This product has the worst taste. It tastes like the inside of a colon would. I literally pooped all day long. I even once didn't make it to the restroom. It burned like fire coming out. I swear!!!!

Great for Asthma
by Carol Salotto

My son has had asthma since he was a baby and we spent many nights giving him breathing treatments throughout the night. Very often he would get a cold and it would get into his chest causing the asthma to get much worse and several times going into pneumonia. My brother gave our whole family (siblings and parents) a jar each of Barley Green for Christmas one year after learning of its many health benefits. I got a sore throat and wasn't feeling well at all on Christmas Day. I took the Barley Green twice that day (it tastes a bit like spinach to me) and the next day my sore throat was gone. I was amazed. I started giving it to my son when he would start with a cold. The colds were much less severe and shorter in duration and don't get down into his chest anymore. It has been like a miracle for him. He is 20 years old now and he has been taking it for over 8 years. My father takes it everyday and he is a healthy 86 years old. We wouldn't be without it!

Great product!
by sbcal

This is certainly a wonderful product packed with necessary ingredients for a great energy booster. It's simple. All I do is mix it with juice and I'm all set for a healthier day. It is recommended to everyone.

Fresh Taste!
by Shauna

I've tried so many green products. I love this one. It smells and tastes like it's just been freshly juiced. It's a great source of amino acids and is a great mood lifter for the winter.

Barley Green
by Karen

As a child my mother would always make us drink it. It helped me feel better on a daily basis. Not be too healthy with the way I eat and barely any exercise this product helps me feel better. The taste is one you need to get use to. I have drank this for awhile so the taste I am use to.

Bad Flavor, But Healthy
by Ruth

Barleygreen literally almost chokes me...and yet, I choke it down. It is supposed to be good for you, but if I could get a product in capsule form that tastes okay or is tasteless--which I can!--I highly prefer that form. However, I have found that it IS possible to choke down a whole bottle of this stuff once I have spent the money on it! :)

Dr. Hagiwara's Barley Green
by E. Krause

This product helps my arthritis and seems to improve my feeling of well being.

Great Product but
by Nathan Scott

I started taking this product when I was having serious heart problems. It seemed to really help me with my energy levels and getting things back to normal. I had to quit taking it, but that was because I just could not swallow it any more. The taste caught up with me.

Helped my sister with cramps
by Susan

My mom got this product and is very pleased with it. She said it dissolves easily in liquid and it has helped my sister with cramps.

Barley Green
by Jennifer Seest

An excellent source of the nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and chlorophyll our bodies need, only without the encapsulated TASTE. I used the encapsulated Barley Green while on the Hallelujah Diet. My children even tried it! I never felt healthier *_*

by Jan Petrie

This is an exceptional product. I have tried other products and this brand is superior. BarleyGreen is a health booster!

barley green
by Jeff

I have used this product for over 5 years and it is one of the best ways to get more green foods in the diet. It mixes well with the shaker plastic jar, and the taste isn't the best at first, but after a while, I got to where I kinda like it.

by Cindy Detweiler

Very good. Helps keep my husband's blood pressure down.

Good product - bad taste
by Greg

I have taken this off and on for over five years. It is a solid product and is helpful. Like all products like this, it tastes bad. I mix it in apple juice.

Barley Green
by Linda Koob

I have tried other greens, but this is the best. It mixes very well in juices and taste pretty good.

19 year customer!
by debra tucker

I have been drinking Barley Green for 19 years and could never foresee a time I would stop including it in my diet. After developing a serious heart condition following the birth of my daughter in 1987, I needed all the help I could get just to survive. I saw a noticeable difference in my digestion, stamina, and energy level. Since becoming a barley green user, I have also used it for ailing pets and as recommendations for friends and family in need of a tried and true supplement.
My hope is that there will be no changes in the product. It is a natural miracle. You can't improve perfection.

by T Pryitt

While on Barley Green I can take the summer heat better.

Barley Green grass
by Dr.H*

I would rate Barley Green 5 stars on quality, effectiveness and value on helping my husband's immune system. Thank You

by jenny

I love barley green!!! It has made a huge difference in my energy level. I would recommend it to anyone!

Barley green
by Jeff Darouse

Barley Green is an excellent nutritional product. My overall health has improved quite noticeably since I have been taking it.

The Best!
by Bill Barber

I have used Barley Green for several years and was always pleased with the the product. Somehow I let someone talk me into buying another product that was "supposed" to be just as good as Barley Geen. I purchased several bottles and boy was I disappointed.
The quality and taste of Barley Green can not be beaten. I'm back with Barley Green to stay!!

Bill Barber

Barley Green Greatly Aids Arthritis
by K. Floyd

This product is a blessing for improved immunity and to stop progression of arthritis. It has stopped the deformation of my fingers and stopped the joint pain.
We have found it directly boosts our immune system (when we stay off sugar) and helps prevent getting the flu. We will not be without it and use it daily.

First thing each morning we take a large soup spoon full in 2/3 cup water with a teaspoon full of real Maple Syrup (to sweeten it and give us Zinc and Magnesium as well). A+ product.

Barley Green with Kelp
by Nancy Galstad

This product was recommended by a homeopathic MD as a part of my overall nutrition program to assist arthritis pain and improve joint function. I have also noticed a remarkable change in my immune system. I have had no cold or flu symptoms since beginning the use of Barley Green. I now order by the case! They provide a tremendous product for a very good price.

Help Me With My Chemo Side Effects!
by Julie Thomas

I was diagnosed with Leukemia back in March of 2006, just a few days before my 40th birthday. I was hospitalized for a month and given many different types of medications, 3 of which were strong Chemo med's. My platelet’s dropped to the point where I was neutropenic, unable to fight off any kind of infection, and my white blood cell counts and red cell counts were extremely low too. This is what the doctors wanted to happen, in order to kill the bad stuff, they also end up killing the good things too! When I was released from the hospital I carried with me a grocery bag full of medications to continue taking for the next year. As you can imagine, there are many, many unpleasant side effects. My Grandmother takes Barley Green to help with her I.T.P (a blood disorder that causes "free bleeding". Her blood doesn't clot) and she told me about how much it's helped her, even to the point that she no longer required medications! So I started taking Barley Green in May, hoping it would do "something good" for me as well. Guess what? It did! Despite my medications, I feel so much better. My hair is growing back in, my nails are long and healthy again, and I'm back working in my garden. I believe that the antioxidant and detoxification properties help with my unpleasant side effects. I also know that there are many other things going on in my body that I don't see nor do I understand them, but I can tell you that it's helped how I "feel" and at this point, that's very important to me. Thank God for Barley Green!

by Nancy Graves

Getting my vegetable quota simply!

Excellent Product
by Myrna Forde

I used Barley Green daily because I find that it helps me as a cleanser by detoxing and purifying my body. I can not do without it. I have also recommend it to family members and friends.

I am hypertensive and I believe it has lower my blood pressure .

Taste = Blech, Energy = Good
by Randall

My title says it all. I like the energy and minerals(?) it provides. If only it tasted better.

Ms. Paula Davis
by Dr. Hagiwara

I have enjoyed taking Dr. Hagiwara's Premier Formula Barley Green Premium powdered juice of Young Barley Grass. The taste is pleasant. After taking this product, I noticed a difference in my energy level. I had a lot of energy, I was able to sleep at night, and was not sluggish. It also helped me to have my bowel movements on a much more regular basis. I thank Dr. Hagiwara for this product and hope they do not change the product at all. Thanks.

Good product, but not the best
by Benjamin Walker

Barleygreen has been around a long time, and it has typically been considered the premium product on the market. My research indicates that that are seveal other products on the market just as good or better - including barleylife and barleymax. I have used barleygreen with good results, despite the less than acceptable taste. In the future, I probably will choose a different product.

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