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Pure & Natural Royal Jelly

Bee-Alive’s Pure and Natural Royal Jelly is 100% pure Royal Jelly and is perfect for the purist who wants potent Royal Jelly with nothing added. Straight from the hive – the way the Queen Bee eats it – this formula is ideal for people with sugar restrictions. This 3.53 oz jar of Pure and Natural is shipped to you packed on ice to ensure maximum potency and freshness. Our most powerful formula, each serving delivers 1,100 mg of fresh Royal Jelly… it’s the purest way to energize your life!
Product: Pure & Natural Royal Jelly
Brand: Bee-Alive (More Products)
Size: 10.59 oz
Dosage: 1/5 teaspoon daily
Retail: $125.00
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3 Customer Reviews

pure and natural
by kirsten

First of all, I would like to say I think this company is WONDERFUL! I tried this, but for some reason it made me sick to my stomach. However, when I called customer service they worked with me to resolve the problem and try to find a different product to replace it with. They were willing to refund me,if I choose to.I really like this in capsules.The company offers all kinds of great products and I would recommend it!

by Inna

I tried this honey along with capsules and I loved it more than the capsules actually because the price is better and it has more royal jelly than the capsules.

Pure and Natural
by Charisse

I tried this once and absolutely loved it. However, I found that it was too expensive for me to continue buying. Once my income improves, I will most likely buy this as a regular staple to my diet. Until then, I will settle for less expensive capsules. I did feel that the jelly form delivered best results.