f Glory Bee Royal Jelly 500 mg Reviews and Information

Royal Jelly 500 mg

Royal Jelly is a substance secreted by special glands in immature worker bees. It changes otherwise ordinary bee larvai into queen bees. Queen bees live 50 times longer than worker bees, exhibit extraordinary fertility, and have great stamina in spite of their stressful lives.
Product: Royal Jelly 500 mg
Brand: Glory Bee (More Products)
Size: 1000 Capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule daily
Retail: $77.30
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2 Customer Reviews

Minimal results
by Marlon

I began using Royal Jelly capsules because of the many benefits I had heard associated with it. Because of my constant fatigue and lethargy, I felt this would be able to improve my lifestyle. Having used it for several weeks now, I feel not difference whatsoever from before I began using the capsules. The work day remained as exhausting as ever, and the usual post-work drowsiness was still prevalent. I did not feel any appreciable effects of taking Royal Jelly.

Defeat Your Fatigue
by Joanne Benham

One year ago, I quit my job to work on my own as a freelancer for a few companies. I was working ten and twelve hours, six days a week and was always tired. I spent most of my day off sleeping or at least resting. I was running out of energy and attributed it to the stress of my new working life. But the fatigue was starting to show itself in my work. It was taking me longer and longer to do routine tasks, which of course kept me working longer. My doctor, knowing I will not take prescription medications, recommended that I try Royal Jelly. The first month, I didn't notice any improvement, but about the sixth week of daily dosage, I noticed I was finishing my day earlier. That Sunday, instead of sleeping all day, I visited the zoo with my nieces and nephews. When I got home, I was tired but not exhausted. I took a little nap and was able to stay up until my regular bedtime. Since I hadn't changed any other part of my life, I attribute the lessening of my fatigue to the Royal Jelly.