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It gives you that recharged feeling!
by Joel

I have taken them over the years, but I only use it on those long nights to stay awake. The product is worth every cent that it costs!

Tried it a while ago
by Inna

I tried these capsules a while (about 4 years) ago. It did work as well as they said it would for me, one night I couldn't even sleep, probably because I took a little more than the recommended dose. I stopped taking thembecause I didn't need it anymore.

Buyer BEEware
by Sam Wagner

I am very disappointed with this product. The package said that it would give me energy and that I would feel energized. I have taken this product for a couple of weeks now and I feel no different without it. It does NOTHING. I wasted over $100 on something that does nothing. That is what I call A WASTE OF MONEY. Don’t buy this!!!!

by marilyn hicks

I kept hearing about this product on the Christian radio channel on my way back and forth to work. I was definitely in need of something to make me feel more energetic. I was working long hours at work and needed the ability to climb 30 stairs anywhere from 6-10 times a day! I was overweight and over 50 years old and it was rough. One day I came home and my husband told me that he had ordered it for me. He thought I should at least try it.

It arrived in the mail very quickly and I started taking the capsules right away. It took about a week or so of taking them twice a day without fail, but I finally was able to take those stairs better than the kids who I worked with. They were amazed! There I was carrying heavy gym bags full of files from the other truck depots to the third level without a problem and without hesitation. I began staying later more often and getting a few hours of overtime in and still had the energy to fix dinner and do whatever else I wanted to do in the evenings. I did really well while I was on them, but unfortunately, they were quite expensive, and I couldn't afford to take them when my husband became disabled and no longer brought in a paycheck. I would love to be able to get them again someday. I would definitely recommend them very highly. They were also packaged in the neatest bottles that I have ever seen also. I still have a few of them.

Feel GREAT formula!
by Jana

This is an amazing product. I tried it after feeling drowsy and a bit depressed, and felt like I was a new person. These capsules are like an instant energy boost. Really, the name says it all!

by Julie

I love this stuff!!!!! I heard about it on the Dave Ramsey show and decided to try it. I was shocked at the change. They do advise giving it a month to really notice the difference, but I did within 3 weeks. I have more energy without a rapid heartbeat.

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