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SAM-e 200 mg

A powerful, natural nutrient, S-adenosyl methionine (SAM-e) promotes healthy mood, liver and joint function. Numerous studies going back two decades, including a 2002 study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS), show that SAM-e is quite safe and effective for promoting healthy mood and liver function, as well as joint function. SAM-e supplementation benefits aging people, as they are prone to experience joint discomfort and immobilization. NSI® SAM-e is pharmaceutical grade, full potency, and stabilized. SAM-e supplements contain amounts of both the active SS form and the inactive RS form. NSI SAM-e undergoes a natural process of microbiological fermentation, and is then specially processed without solvents. This process ensures an active SS level of 68-80%, the highest concentration available.

SAM-e is believed to raise the levels of specific neurotransmitters, especially that of dopamine, which is important for mood regulation. Higher SAM-e levels in the brain are associated with successful improvement of mood. While not as powerful as antidepressants, a study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research showed that SAM-e takes effect within one week, quicker than that of drug antidepressants, as well as St. John's Wort. And unlike antidepressants, SAM-e does not lead to such typical side effects as weight gain, headaches, and sexual dysfunction.
Product: SAM-e 200 mg
Brand: Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $54.95
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1 Customer Reviews

Pricey but worth it
by Sam Wagner

There have been many studies to determine if S-adenosyl methionine actually helps your body. All of the studies have determined that SAM-e does great stuff for your body. It is also very safe to use and can be taken even by little kids. Our whole family takes this. My wife and I feel more energetic and awake since taking this product. I give it two thumbs up!!!