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pricey with very little benefit
by Mari

My husband and I were hoping this would be killing two birds with one stone, helping him deal with stress and helping his joints feel better. Unfortunately, it didn't do either one. He used the entire box, and felt no improvement. He has had much better luck doing "Move Free" joint supplements and St. John's Wort separately, and will continue on that regimen. This was just too expensive to keep trying after using the entire box and seeing no difference.

A good helper
by Nichole Kuhns

I highly recommend this supplement to anyone suffering from depression who is NOT on any other medications for depression. I notice a positive difference when I take it. Be sure to take a Vitamin B complex supplement in conjunction with use.

Sorry no go
by Candice

Not sure for what levels of stress this supplement is for. My mother expressed concerns about my 1 a day prescription medication from my doctor for stress, anxiety, and headaches. On her advice, I tried using SAMe with little to no affect after a two week period...Unfortunatley, I did not have more time to try and build it up in my system as my stress headaches were killing me.

Works good
by Donia

I took this in a stressful time also when I needed energy and to be healthful and alert. This product helped me and I continue on it today when needed. It is money well spent. I did not have any unwanted side effects whatsoever and think this is a very good product.

by Rajani Mathews

I tried SAM-e to improve my mood during a stressful period. I took the 200 mg. dosage as opposed to the 400 mg. for 20 days. I found that stress aside, my mood did improve from the supplement. I felt some improvement soon after starting, and although the results were not extreme, I'd say about a 15% improvement, they were strong enough for me to buy more of the product, and I will buy it again. Next time I decide to take it though I may go for the higher dosage. I had no untoward side effects.

SAM-e made me jittery
by Joan Jones

I started taking SAM-e double strength for joint pain from osteoarthritis. After a few days I was so jittery I couldn't sleep at night so I had to quit taking it as this is one of the side effects. My 80-year-old father took it for joint pain in his hips and he said it helped and didn't make him jittery so it could be an individual thing.

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