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Not much better
by Scott

I took reishiMax for 3 months and then a friend told me about reishi essence red reishi which boosts a 55% polysaccharide content. I obviously switched to reishi essence red reishi for better results at 40% the cost. Not sure why ReishiMax is so expensive.

Doublecrane ling zhi better than ReishiMax
by Mohd Iman

All of u got it wrong! Doublecrane reishi is much better than ReishiMax. Pls check taiwan health food association accreditation. For immune system part, ReishiMax only get 3 functions, whereas doublecrane product get all of them 5 functions. For liver part, reishiMax only get 1, doublecrane get 2. Pls check the website or Most importantly pls check (Taiwan health food association official website), most importantly checking the Taiwan health food association official website,. What i told may be u guys not believe, pls check the third party affirmation. One more thing, doublecrane reishi has better quility better effect n more importantly for those who concern about price, yup is cheaper than ReishiMax. I'm a reishi product reseacher. For those who look for cheap n above average quality reishi can try malaysian made one I've tried 5 of reishi products including the very famaous brand from japan like nissan reishi n mikei reishi. Not to say their product not good. but after looking into their price is terribly high. So, i'd recommend shuanghor n dxn reishi (1 for poor people n 1 for middle income people).

It's worth taking ReishiMax GLp
by Anna Lee

I had cancer twice and by taking it for 6 months it lowered my cancer count from 2.1 to 0.38. My mother-in-law also benefited suffering from shingles by using it in 2 weeks. If you become a preferred customer of Pharmanex company, your price can go down about 25%. And if you take it monthly basis, you even get 20% credit toward your account. It is really worth taking it. I can help signing up if desired at

by Zestyzan

I don't think you should judge its quality by 'feeling' the same. Its not the same, I'ma pharmacist by profession and the difference really lies in the 6S that pharmanex promise, do make yourself nderstand more abt the 6S quality process, then you will appreciate Reishimax's difference. Actually, afetr studying their extraction and process, that cost is very affordable, trust me.

A better alternative
by HealthNut

I bought ReishiMAx and tried it for 2 months. For the additional $40 more, I did not feel any difference than the Toi Reishi brand which costs $46 at Ill go back to the Toi brand which is japanese and certified by the japan reishi association.

by Naoya Takamasa

Yes, I give it a 5. Reason is this product came out when I worked at Pharmanex corporate. (I no longer work there). But there are so many ways to create vitamins and minerals. My experience, and this may be different from others, but when taking this product CONSISTENTLY, I was able to FEEL the results. I traveled and was under high stress, but never did I get sick or my body feel weak.
There are over 60 different Reishi mushrooms...And the ones Pharmanex provides to the market, which is GLp type is the highest quality and most researched varieties.
This is reason why it cost more, because you are getting more of it.
Why do you pay 1.49 for bottle of Evian water compared to tap water or .79 supermarket brand? Can you tell the difference? Sure you can if you consume the water long enough, you can tell that Evian or Fiji water taste much better.

Why so much money?
by Shauna

This is a great product for auto-immune sufferers. It's great for inflammation of any kind, but it's $98 a bottle for a month's supply !! Why, I can't figure out. I'm taking another brand now at $35 a bottle, and the results seem to be the same.

2 Customer Opinions

by Gillian

very good and the 6S quality process is worth it.

by Joy

The only way to ascertain whether a product is effective or not for your own health is to check your blood results, not through "feeling better" or what the product functions are, or what the contents are.

Anyway, Mohd Iman, the website you provided for Taiwan health food association led me to a website selling lifts and elevators! Please check your links and facts before posting.