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Wheat Grass 500 mg

Wheatgrass is a young plant of the genus Agropyron, (especially Agropyron cristatum, a relative of wheat). Fresh leaf buds of this plant can be crushed to create a juice or dried to make a powder; the unprocessed plant contains high levels of cellulose which makes it indigestible. It possesses chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. The chlorophyll molecule is similar in structure to hemoglobin, leading some to believe that wheatgrass helps blood flow, digestion and general detoxification of the body. These claims have not been proven.
Product: Wheat Grass 500 mg
Brand: Vitamin Shoppe (More Products)
Size: 500 Tablets
Dosage: 7 tablets daily
Retail: $13.96
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4 Customer Reviews

Just not for me
by Annie

For anyone who has taken a shot of wheat grass at Jamba Juice you know that does not taste good, but the effects of it is great for your body and is good detox. I usually trust vitamin shoppe products so I wanted to try this wheat grass pill in place of taking the actually nasty tasting wheat grass shot. So I started taking the wheat grass pill two weeks ago and although it has all the same properties (probably more benefits) as the wheat grass shot i just felt as though it didn't efficiently sink into my system because you have to wait for the tablet to dissolve and all that junk. So I didn't feel as energized after taking the tablet as i usually did compared to the shot. with the shot i got results much faster than i did with the tablet or at least I felt like I did. so all in all the tablet may have been as good as or better than the shot but I just felt that taking the shot (even though the taste was bad) at least made me feel healthy where as taking the tablet didn't make me feel rejuvenated or make my skin glow. Good tablet just not for me.

Great product!
by Blueberry

My family doctor suggested I take wheatgrass supplement everyday as I have a very hectic lifestyle and cant get the 5-a-day servings of veggies and fruits. This has really given me a confidence boost, and I also have high energy levels throughout the day. These tablets are easy to swallow and far better than drinking the wheatgrass juice. I always get a bottle without fail when I shop at Vitamin Shoppe. This is a great product worth the money.

Better than growing your own
by extrawork

I had purchased some wheat grass from a local juice shop and was surprised how sweet it was. It didn't taste as good as fruit juice, but it was at least palatable enough to get down. It was so expensive though, that I tried to grow my own and juice it. What a chore! After a few planter trays I decided to just get the tablets from the Vitamin shop. These are great - I get two full servings of vegetables and all the health benefits without the cost of fresh juice, or the work of growing and juicing it myself. My only drawback is that you don't know if it's doing anything - I did not feel any different, nor did anything really change. I guess you have to take it on faith.

Much better than wheatgrass juice
by NTReviewer

After hearing about how good Wheat grass is supposed to be for you, I tried some Wheatgrass juice from a local shop. It tasted absolutely terrible. Wheat grass juice is bitter and has a very strong flavor which I did not enjoy. This product was a welcome alternative to Wheat grass juice because it provided the benefits with no horrible taste.