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2 Pumped

Beast Sports Nutrition introduces a product with so profound an effect on building Muscle Mass we named it 2 Pumped. One of our main goals in developing 2 Pumped was to find the most effective form of Arginine for maximizing Nitric Oxide (NO) levels. NO has a tremendous hemodilating ability allowing more blood to flow into muscle cells inducing an incredible muscle volumizing effect. Most supplement companies utilize Arginine Alpha ketoglutarate also known as AAKG. But we wanted to take Arginine supplementation to an even higher level. After extensive research we discovered that the compound Arginine Malate contained a higher concentration of Arginine than AAKG. We also found it utilized the superior Kreb Cycle Intermediate Malic Acid which greatly reduces the onset of muscular fatigue. Without a doubt, arginine malate is the best form of argine to maximize NO levels to deliver vein-popping pumps with every dose.
Product: 2 Pumped
Brand: Beast Sports Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 16 fl oz
Dosage: Take 2 tsps 2-3 times daily
Retail: $69.95
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1 Customer Reviews

Nitric at its highest level
by Barry

I thought I had tried the best delivery of Nitric already until coming across this one. After reading the type of arginine used, I realized this may be what I need to make some breakthroughs in my workouts. I was right. Using this about 30 minutes before and immediately after my workouts I was able to stay at a higher level than ever before. The best part was the next day. When doing plateau busting arm routines, delayed onset muscle soreness is usually grueling. Not so when I went on a 3 week cycle of 2 Pumped. The recovery was much better due to the unique concentration of Arginine. I definitely recommend this for pre and post workouts, for those who are serious about squeezing the most from every workout.