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Dietary Supplement. Core series. Energy. Focus. Endurance. Strength. Pumps. Size. Aspartame free. CEM3 Technology. N.O.-Xplode Product Highlights: N.O.-Xplode is designed to support and enhance: Training energy, motivation and intensity; Mental alertness and focus; Muscle fullness, vascularity and pumps; Strength, power, endurance and work capacity; Resistance to muscle fatigue; Blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue; Healthy nitric oxide (N.O.) levels.

Stack with AM to PM vaso-muscular volumizer, creatine ethyl ester malate, pro-testosterone amplifier, and ultra-premium sustained release protein powder for maximum physique and performance impact. Designed for healthy adults 18-50 years of age seeking to support energy, performance, and muscle development during resistance exercise or other forms of fitness training.

(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)
Product: NO-XPLODE
Brand: BSN (More Products)
Size: 1.81 lbs
Dosage: Take 2-3 scoops daily.
Retail: $59.95
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27 Customer Reviews

Good stuff
by Sean

Not a bad supplement at all. The caffeine definitely helps sustain a rough workout. Gave a wicked good pump as well. Tastes horrible, but that matters less than the efficacy.

by Jyssica

i dont like the taste of this product

best for workout
by zuriel valdez

its the best product ive tried. it tast great and it gives u so much engergy and power !!!!!!!!! i can lift so much more and longer now i really suggest u take this product

Works great, but dont take too much
by N

This product works amazingly. I suggest taking 2 scoops, the first about an hour before your workout, and the second about 15 minutes later. if you space out the scoops, it hits your system a little less hard and it seems to work better for me, and drink it with a good amount of water ( i drink about half a gallon). If you drink this much water before your workout you will stay nice and hydrated, although you may have to take a few pee breaks. But i made a mistake today, i took 3 scoops for the first time, spacing each out about 15 minutes a scoop, and although i had a really good workout, i was extremely tired and didnt feel too good. but its all good, i will just take 2 scoops from now on. this stuff is kinda expensive for the quantity you get, but it really does work, so i will continue using it!

not for this girlie!
by michele

as far as energy and a rediculous awesome workout this stuff is the shit! I could run faster longer, harder. I could lift heavier. i could blast through my spin and boot camp classes. I was so physched to get to the gym BUT......................
i was super bloated and gained a pond and a half this is while eating clean and blasting throgh an hour of intense cardio a day i was freaked and then realized there is creatine in this stuff
stopped it bloating was gone and lost the pounds wouldn't recommend for girls unless you can tolerate creatone

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5 Customer Opinions

All day
by that guy

FOLLOW the directions on the label. Do not take after 3 o clock pm. The product has alot of caffeine. Excellent to get you into that workout mood. Less fatigue while training. take at least 2 hours AFTER eating for the product to take effect. Never before have i ever had such a desire to train untill i came across this product.

Not bad for me
by Roland

I have been taking this supplemen on and off for the last 6 months. I notice a big difference when I am off the supplement. The difference is in the pump. I don't feel the same way in my muscles as I do with it. I will continue to use NO Xplode until another supplement comes along that works better for me.

by Nancy G.

My younger brother started taking this when he started lifting weights to help him better build muscle. He started off all small and tiny and now, after about 9 months, he went from weighing 140-150 lbs to now weighing a little over 190lbs. That's ALOT or weight to add on in that little amount of time! And no, he's not using steroids.

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