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Cell-Tech provides the highest quality creatine, including a specific blend of different forms of creatine (creatine monohydrate, creatine anhydrous, dicreatine malate, and creatine alpha-ketoglutarate).
Cell-Tech is an advanced creatine formula. Cell-Tech was engineered to build muscle size and strength quickly by forcing more creatine inside your muscles than would be possible using any other regular creatine supplement.

Cell-Tech also provides 75 grams of pharmaceutical-grade dextrose per serving, which spikes insulin levels high enough to store creatine in the muscles. Without this insulin spike provided by 75 grams of dextrose, creatine does not enter the muscle efficiently.

Available in Grape, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, and Orange flavors.
Product: Cell-Tech
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 2.2 lbs
Dosage: 30 grams
Retail: $32.99
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17 Customer Reviews

by kris

this product is amazing. i use to be skeptical about creatine, but my friend turned me on to it at the gym. Honestly, 1 day i was maxing my bench press, i maxed out at 245, took some Cell tech did 5 minutes of treadmill came back and maxed out at 255, now that has to say something. Right?

Cant beat it
by leo lee

I started lifting when I was 18... I weighed 130 and benched 135. I went 3 years without using any supplements and by the time I turned 21 i was 140 benching 205....after 3 years though. I starting using cell tech and after 3 months I weigh 150 and put up 255 and I'm still gaining like crazy.

Good product for beginners
by HZhu

Cell-Tech's formula increases the absorbency of creatine by a lot. This is mainly due to the dextrose with helps to absorb creatine with the insulin spike. On this product I have gained 10 lbs. of muscle in 1 month and increasing my bench by 10 lbs. I take this product post-work out as that is when it is best absorbed. This is a great product of new trainees.

Great for Pre-Workout
by Kevin

I have tried many different creatines and at one point tried Cell-Tech. I used it for around 6-8 weeks, about a large containers worth. This stuff works great when used pre-workout since it does have a lot of sugar in it, which gives you some extra energy. I gave it a 3.5/5 because although it worked great in letting me push more weight, I frequently felt bloated and my muscles looked puffy when taking this. I would probably not buy it again, and spend the money on a better creatine supplement, like NO-XPLODE or TRAC.

by Kevin

I am very much into trying different products to see if they meet the manufacturer's claims. I've used creatine since the early days-really worked, graduated to the creatine serum which supposedly was superior. (I found little difference). I then tried Cell-Tech and currently even more expensive products like Satur8 and V12. I can say this: Cell-Tech gave me better results than every last product I've tried (about 7 in all). I stopped using Cell Tech because I was concerned with so much sugar and carbs, but surprisingly, I looked back at some photos I took, and I was my leanest while on Cell Tech (and I don't do a lot of cardio). Well, despite the fact it is overpriced, I am going back to Cell Tech. My bench on Cell-Tech went from 275 lb max to 315 lb max. No bull!

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